Disney World 2010! Livin’ Life a Little! Orlando, Florida

In November my friend Heidi and I took a vacation!  An actual vacation.  Not the… Ihave5shootsand2daystorelax vacation… A real one!  Heidi is also a wedding photographer based in Colorado… and in this business for some reason… we understand it is very hard to not take work with us everywhere we go!  We inevitably end up doing a photo shoot or two… or three. 😉 Which is fine… sometimes. 😉  I love my job!  But it is not ALL that I love.  And sometimes… we just need a break from our ordinary routine… and we need to live life a little! 😉 What better place to do that… than DISNEY!  Our only plan was to have a great time! We actually bounced between a couple of places… (Mexico, New Zealand…) and we decided to go where we could feel like a KID again! 😀  We didn’t have too much time to get away so Disney was perfect! 🙂  Not to mention breaking the bank didn’t sound very fun. Ha!  I am embarrassed that I am JUST now posting these photos… I’ve been taking a little more time with blogging and editing… and things have been much more balanced and much less stressful!!  I highly recommend it! 😉  So thank you for being so patient in between posts! 🙂

When I was a child, it was our family tradition to take a road trip to Disney every 4th of July for a few years…  (The parades and fireworks were the best then!) 😉   So there were several things that were my favorite 20 years ago that I had to see again…  Figment… The Parade of Lights… etc. Oh my gosh… I just dated myself… TWENTY YEARS AGO?! Where does the time go! Anyway… moving on before I feel too old… 😉 

I want to have a contest… and a challenge! For all of us who work a little too hard and don’t take nearly enough time out for ourselves… Please tell me how you plan on laying work (any job- not just photography) aside…and doing something that you’ve been WANTING to do… that you haven’t made time for.  I challenge you to DO IT! And I want to HEAR about it in the comment section!   I’ll give a $10 iTunes gift card to a random winner!  Come on… I’m basically PAYING you to take some time to do what you LOVE!  YOU CAN DO IT and YOU DESERVE IT!! 🙂   

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