Two in a million!

Like most people who own their own business… it is easy to understand what it is to work too much…  not have enough balance in your life… sit at your desk so long you didn’t realized you haven’t eaten lunch and its 9pm!  I don’t just mean photographers… I mean anyone… who is passionate about what they do for a living… It is hard to make time for ourselves!  Right?   Enter: Justin & Mary… Now, let me preface this by saying… There are a handful of photographers who utterly amaze me.  Justin & Mary are two of them.  Not only for their God-breathed talent…. and not only for the way they see and capture the world… in a different light… but more importantly for who they are as people.  Kind-hearted, sweet-spirited, giving and selfless, passionate people.  People you not only want to be inspired by in the work’place’…  they inspire you to be a better person… to live a more fulfilled life… and to love every stinkin’ minute of it… without taking it for granted.

Last year I was having an extremely difficult time balancing life and work… Well, lets face it.. it was about 97% work… 3% life.. ha! When I found out Justin & Mary were coming to Houston to teach a LIFE workshop… I was so excited… I was in between flights and tried signing up on my iPhone! haha. (No Southwest, I was not ON the flight. Psht! I don’t break the rules like SOME people!) 😉   I sat there and soaked up every single morsel of the entire day… dangit… THEY EVEN MADE ME CRY!  And Ohhh… It was JUST what I needed! A breath of fresh air! Their perspective on balance…and how to achieve that in your life was exactly what I needed to get a grip on mine!   I still refer back to my notes often… as a reminder to take a step back… and re-prioritize!  And to remember that as much of a perfectionist as I am… it is in my better interest to relinquish control of a few things… and keep my sanity! haha!

Here are a few things I decided to let go…and let other people take the task on for me!

1. I hired someone to clean my house once a week.  You’d be amazed at how much stress was relieved to know I didn’t have to clean on top of everything else on my to-do list!

2. I outsourced all album designs… Lets face it… I am a photographer… and an editor… and I can be a designer… but Justin & Mary showed me it was okay to focus my atention on what I was BEST at… I have an amazing design team and I trust them with my designs!

3. I hired a CPA! Hallelujah!

The list could go on… but all of that to say that if you get ANY opportunity to spend a little bit of time with two genuinely amazing and talented people… you should take advantage of that opportunity.  You may have read my post here… That will give you some insight into their Spread the Love tour

If you feel like you ever spread yourself too thin…or like there are just not enough hours in the day… or if you feel like you have to have control of everything and it is really hindering your quality of life… Please do yourself (and your family & friends… trust me) a favor and consider their workshop! It won’t even cost you an arm and a leg like most workshops… And unlike most… this one, I assure you, is worth every penny.

If you aren’t in an area that they are traveling to… but you WILL be attending WPPI this year… They will be speaking at their platform class, How to Be a Rainmaker on Thursday, February 24th at 9am. Chances are, it will be the best class you go to… and if you are already at WPPI…its FREE!  I know it is the last day… and you will probably want to sleep in… but you won’t regret it.  I promise.

They are also hosting a mini-shoot that 20 lucky photographers (chosen by J&M) will be a part of… so we can see how they work their magic behind the camera!  They are waking up before the sun rises to do this shoot for those photographers… so the least we can do is make it to their 9am class after a long and tiring week! 🙂  I would love the opportunity to shoot with them and see what their world looks like behind my camera. 🙂

Don’t forget to sign up for the Spread the Love tour!  Check their site to see if it is coming to a location near you! 😉 (I feel like a movie commercial) 😉

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