Making life a little easier!

As I get older I begin to realize how valuable time is.  Time with family, time with friends, time in business, time spent shopping, networking, sleeping… [insert anything that occupies your precious time… here].  And I am remembering each moment that passes… is a moment we can’t get back.

There are things in life that can make your life busy and more complicated… or there are things that can make life easier, well spent, not regretting those single moments that disappear with the blink of an eye.

So here is the truth.  What if I told you… that WE CONTROL OUR BUSY-NESS?  What if I told you that each and every decision we make could either save us time… leading toward a better quality of life – or we could make a poor decision and lead to a busy life… filled with work and rushing from one thing to the next… and waking up at 65 years old wondering where the heck our life went?

Well I have BIG news… It IS our decision!  We (and only we) have the ability to make those decisions… that either make our life easier… or harder.  Complicated, or less complicated…  busy… or relaxed.

My friend (and a former fabulous bride of mine) Anna… makes the decision to begin dinner at the beginning of her day… before she ever goes to work… so that when she gets home it is ready… and she and her husband can enjoy an amazing home-cooked meal without cooking after a 10 hour work day.  This was a small decision… but it was simple…and has changed her quality of life… See?

What about buying a permanent luggage tag?  I am sitting in an airport writing this post right now… on one of many frequent flights… and I promise you… for the last 5 years, each and every time I fly… I fill out that annoying little piece of paper with my name, phone number, and address on it.  I get so tired of filling that thing out! There is ONE simply solution… buy a permanent luggage tag!  Why didn’t I do this before?!

What about… Hiring someone to clean your house?!  Can I hear a Hallelujah? There are people who enjoy cleaning their homes. I am not one of them… ha! (Not most of the time anyway)… I always feel  my time could be used much better doing something else…so why not hire someone to clean your house… so you can spend that 8 hours doing something you love! Makes sense to me!

Creating templates for blog posts… HUGE time saver. If you have  a blog, and you are not using templates… WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF!!

(Regarding photography…) What about hiring someone for album design… or outsourcing your basic edits? (What would you be doing if you weren’t stuck behind your computer?)

When it comes to my business, periodically I write down things I feel are working FOR me… and I write down things that are working AGAINST me.  What is making my life easier? What is making my life more complicated?

Here enters:

When I first began shooting… My system was… Shoot (on film)… Print, buy an album or two (matching) from Target… (Except I pronounced it like it was french because it made me feel fancy, as if delivering a Target album wasn’t fancy enough… I’m tellin’ ya… I pulled out all the stops!)  then I would insert photos… one by one… and four hours later (literally) I was done… No one told me I was doing things the WRONG way… more importantly… the HARD way… I just did what I knew to do at that time. Since then, I have learned quite a bit… I’ve learned what works for me and I’ve learned what  doesn’t… Each day I learn a little bit more… but there has been one thing that has been extremely helpful to me in my business.. and that has been They are an event hosting company… (and much more – I’ll get into that later)… but when I needed a company to host my events…for clients to view and order, I wanted to find an option that was both easy and convenient on the front end and the back end. I had tried a few options… and it just took entirely too long on the back end. I needed something to make my life easier.. not more complicated…

If you are interested in trying Collages out… Click here and type LACY into the promo code… You can try them free for 4 months… I do realize every vendor is not for every photographer… but I have sincerely loved them from day one!

They are also an album company… So if you are not working with an album company yet…and you need one… They are fantastic!

Collages –  Thank you for helping me get my life back! 🙂 I am truly grateful!

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