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Jessica and Clarence | New York City Engagement Photographer

In case you don’t know the story of how Jessica and I met… (or in case you’ve read it before…) ha! I’ll give you the short and sweet version… About 7 or 8 years ago I won a modeling contest where I flew to Ohio to walk the runway of the new seasons fashions (sounds fancy!)… and lived the exciting life of a model for a day… I knew going into that that I was going to have the time of my life (and I did)… What I did NOT know…was that I would meet this REAL model (Jess is laughing as she reads that I’m sure ;)…)  But really… She was getting paid to walk the runway… I won a contest.  She’s 6′ tall… I’m 5’6.  See where this is going? hahaha!! Anyway… I had no idea I would meet such an incredible person that day… and I again… had no idea we would be friends 8 years later!!  AND… here’s a triple bonus… She is now a photographer too… in New York City!! And an AMAZING one at that.  This girl has TALENT!  You’ll want to bookmark her site for sure!  Anyway… This story isn’t about me and Jess… (although I could go on for hours about how truly fabulous she is…and how much fun we have when we are together…romping around Time Square… Central Park… New York City in general… Or Texas… ha 2 peas in a pod I tell ya!!)  This story is about Jessica and her other half… Clarence.  I heard about him for a while before I ever had a chance to meet him… and Let me tell you… the minute I met him… I knew why she was smitten!!  He is so thoughtful… and caring… and fun… (and if you know Jessica… this is a must!)  but most importantly… He adores her… and loves her with every ounce of who he is!  I had heard great things about him… and when I met him…I completely understood!  So when Jessica asked me if I would shoot their engagement session… of course my answer was YES!  I was honored she asked! Jessica and C… I am blessed to be a part of your lives… and I am excited to see what the future has in store!  I look forward to having a life-long friendship with you… and cooking spaghetti for you when I’m 80! hahaha!!!

We started around the corner from Jessica’s apartment… at Grand Central Station…



And how can we not get a hot dog picture at the “dirty hot dog” stand!!


See? Goofy and Gorgeous… haha! What more could you want? 😀


To everyone who walked on command for this picture… THANK YOU!… To the guy standing still in the white shirt with the backpack? You messed up my cool shot. 😛 haha


And in NYC true fashion…we couldn’t NOT take photos with a taxi involved! 😉





And of course… Time square!

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  • Tiffany - These images are STUNNING!

  • admin - Thanks Tiffany!! Such a Sweet and beautiful couple!!!

  • Kayla - OMG! I am IN LOVE with these!!! I really really love the one with standing still with all the moving people around!!!! Job well done!!!

  • Haley Kruse - LOVE!!!!! =)

  • Haley Kruse - LOVE THESE!!!!

  • Amy Templet - I love all of the pics! Especially the ones where everything else is moving except J& C….

  • Jessica - Lacy Dagerath… my short small sally! Thank you for being such an amazing photographer and friend! I especially love how you told not just me & C’s love story…. but Lacy & Jessica’s love story… lol And how you’re still mad at the guy with the backpack who wouldn’t dance on cue… lol Thank you so much for such a priceless gift of awesome memories… especially for someone who never seems to get in front of a camera for personal photos much anymore. These are just perfect. 🙂 YOU are just perfect! So glad to have you in my life! And now I’m hungry for a dirty water hot dog… and oh… what’s that? Oh… NYC is calling and it says to bring your butt back here soooooon!!!

  • Nicole - OMG they are just the cutest! That taxi shot with Jess leaning on Clarence looks like a watch ad! LOVE the grand central and Times Square pics!! So awesome. Great job capturing such a sweet and fun couple.

  • courtney - I think this is the favorite session I’ve seen!!! Amazing as always!

  • Vanessa G. Photography, Newborn photographer - Awww. Jessica these are so pretty! Congrats to you and you’re man. You know I love some NY scenery for engagement pics!! Love them all!

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