Megan and Ron | Houston, Texas Wedding Photographer

For the people who read this blog often it is no secret how much I love you guys!  You have become such a breath of fresh air… Megan… your text messages reminding me to take some time for me… and to stop working so hard… haha… And you are so patient with my crazy schedule when it comes to trying to make dinner arrangements! haha! (We all know this last dinner was long awaited and we can not wait that long for the next one!)  😀 It was so, so, so good to spend an afterning/evening with you guys… People like you make me realize how thankful I am to do this thing called photography…. Maybe I should switch it to Friend-ography… haha… I am literally so lucky to work with people like you two!!  I love you guys to pieces!!! Thank you for letting me capture your sweetness on film yet again!  It will never get old! 🙂

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