Candie and Kory | Napa Valley, California Destination Wedding Photographer

Thank you- Candie and Kory for being so awesome and making my note about you much harder to write! 😛 I was going to try to make this short but who am I kidding… 😛 I was talking to Scott the other day and putting the pieces together about how I met you guys… and this pieces came together like this… You guys don’t even know most of this… 😉 Several years ago while I was living in College Station…between going to a Junior College and Texas A&M… I was faced with the decision to move back home… or stay in College Station. On the day the decision had to be made before I could no longer renew my lease… I decided to stay… Forfeiting my apartment but able to move into another…with 3 girls… One of those girls knew my sweet bride Brandy… and maybe 10 years later I photographed her gorgeous wedding… Fast forward a few more years… and this precious soul emails me… telling me she knew about me from Brandy and Dan… and asks me to photograph her wedding. Looking back I can see how God had his hand in leading me to this day… where I was able to photograph two amazing people on a glorious day in Napa. Candie and Kory… God see’s the big picture… even when we are clueless and confused… He knows… and He knows best. I am so thankful for that decision I made so many years ago… For it led us to this point today… with new amazing friendships…that would otherwise not exist. So thankful for you both! The way you love each other brings tears to my eyes. I was trying to wipe my tears and focus the dang camera during your vows… You two are very, VERY special people… You complement each other and you complete each other. As cheesy as that may sound…it is the wholehearted truth. You FIT together perfectly. You love each other well and you love others well… You say what you mean… and you mean what you say… There is heart behind every thing you say and everything you do… Everything you do is done with pure intention. Nothing is done flippantly. You both are very lucky to have one another… and we are lucky to have new friends for a lifetime! Love y’all to bits and pieces!! If you are not Candie and Kory and you are reading this… Thank you for reading to the end…now scroll through and watch their wedding story unfold. 😉 



Florals Centerpiece Napa Valley
Officiant – Tan Weddings & Events
Venue- Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer
Second Photographer- Scott Pena Photography

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