Justin and Christy | Bali, Indonesia | Destination Wedding Photographer

A few years ago I met this kind-hearted, sweet spirited, Godly man in college… He is to this day…one of the most thoughtful, loving and selfless people I’ve ever met. Justin contacted me last year to tell me that he met a girl… and that he was planning to propose to her… He said I’ve been following what you’re doing with your work and I always knew I wanted to ask you to document my day for me… but my wedding might be in Bali, Indonesia… Do you go there? (I mean it is literally on the complete opposite side of the world!) And my response was… ABSOLUTELY!… You see…Justin is not a settler… He chose to wait on God’s perfect timing to find the woman God saved for him… and vice versa… So I knew when he told me that he met a girl…that this was something incredible… It was a long time coming… a long time of patience… a long time of praying for her… a long time of wondering who “she” would be… and I knew this girl would be no ordinary girl… Fast forward a few weeks and Justin and Christy met with me for their engagement photos and I see this beautiful girl for the first time…and I was right… She was absolutely no ordinary girl…She was extraordinary… Strong but sweet spirted… Sure of herself but gentle… and I knew… that they had found their soulmate. “For I have found the one my soul loves.” Solomon 3:4 comes to mind when I think of them… and I could not be happier for them! Justin and Christy… Thank you a thousand times for trusting me to capture such sweet moments on your VERY special day… and to be a part of something so, so special… and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to travel aronud the world and see such magnificence. Love you guys!!
Wedding Coordinator Josephine Milka Sumampow
Second Photographer: Scott Pena Photography

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