Britney and Kyle | Austin, Texas Engagement Photographer

Ughhh you guys!! I could write a book about how incredible the two of you are! When I first met you guys at Liz and Clay’s Hill Country wedding almost 2 years ago…You posed for a photo and I thought…Woo! “One day I I want to photograph their wedding”… Not only because they’re gorgeous (Because duh…they’re totally gorgeous)…but because you have this little thing I like to call…Chemistry… It is undeniable… Your respect for each other, your love for each other… it all flows so seamlessly… Fast forward a year and a half and I get a message that Kyle proposed!! (I’m not gonna lie…I secretly felt…well lets be honest… not-so-secretly almost as excited as she was!) Scott and I had so much fun with you guys in Austin… Your chemistry, love, fun personalities, spontaneity, whimsy, quirky-ness, goofiness, and all around fabulous-ness did not disappoint! We could have talked about our love of travel over chips and queso for hours… and there is not a doubt in my mind some day we will….and it may even be on the other side of the world! 🙂 We love yall and wish Austin and Houston were much MUCH closer!! xoxoxo

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