Jenna and Wade | Twisted Ranch, Tx Wedding

Jenna and Wade!!! A couple who plays together…stays together!! YOU GUYS!! You are the perfect example of… Don’t take life too seriously… and always play! I just love you guys! And your sweet fams! Wade…I’ve known Jenna for years…and Wade…You got a great one! Ambitious, determined, strong willed, intelligent, fun, spontaneous…a great mom and step mama…and Wade…I haven’t known you for quite as long but gosh I love the way you love Jenna! You guys together are such a dynamic duo! I’m sorry I’m so late posting!! For those who don’t know…Scott and I got married just a couple of weeks after Jenna’s wedding…(and my computer crashed! week!) So… I’m still catching up!… Will probably be catching up for the rest of my life! HA! 😛 I know you guys have had the full gallery for almost a year…but just in case friends and family have not seen it… here are a few highlights of your amazing day! 😀 Love you guys!!

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