Katherine and Matt Family | League City, Texas Family Photographer

Remember that gorgeous couple whose wedding was in Bath England… Then we travelled on over to Paris for their day after session? Well… It all started in a Kroger Starbucks for our very first meeting… Ha! And I’ve been photographing their sweet family as it has grown ever since! Many of you asked who that cutie patootie little boy passionately eating the beans and rice with his eyes closed was on my insta… This is him! Scroll down a little and you’ll see him eating candy…the same way! Passionately and with eyes closed! ha! I feel ya kiddo! I feel ya!

Katherine and Matt brought a bucket of candy to keep the kiddos happy (See above! Eyes closed = Happy!! 😆)… Somewhere in there a jolly rancher got stuck in Katherines hair… She pulled it out… threw it in the field… except it landed on Matt’s CHEEK right under his eye! 🤣 I think we all laughed until we cried! So I only thought it was fitting to include that little series in here too! I love you guys tons and tons!! And I am so thankful I get to keep capturing your sweet family!!!

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