Feron and Bianca| Surprise Proposal| Vargas Cut and Catch

When friend and super talented chef Mary Bass (you may have seen her on the Food Network’s Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen!) calls you and says… “Hey… So my Sous-chef wants to propose to his girlfriend at the Incredible Vargas Cut and Catch… and I want you to document it… There is only one answer…. Absolutely! And It. Was. Amazing!

I arrived a little early so I could carefully plan where they should sit… and where I could sit in order to stay incognito and still be able to capture. 😉 The bar of this adorable restaurant is separated from the dining area by a glass wall wine-rack. It was PERFECT! I could peek through and watch his proposal unfold! We had it all set up when another couple arrived and sat at the exact table we had been planning his proposal around for 30 minutes… One quick moment of panic…and a couple of great waiters…. and Voila! We were cookin’ with chicken grease! 😉 They entered the restaurant seconds after the couple switched tables… were seated… and I anxiously waited… Bianca left for the ladies room and I caught Feron’s eye so he could see where I was… and if you notice this second photo he was motioning that he had butterflies in his tummy!! haha! She came back…. and the pictures tell the rest of the story! It was perfect!! And Vargas Cut and Catch was the most beautifully perfect backdrop for the beginning of their new chapter. Feron and Bianca… You two are utterly fabulous. The way you laugh together… the way you look at each other… the way you love each other… It’s amazing when you find your person… The person who makes life sweeter… I wish you two the happiest of moments together… forever!

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