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A part of my heart and soul died earlier this month when I got the call from my brother that my mother had passed away… after receiving good news from a biopsy hours prior… In a matter of 3 seconds… I felt this brain slush of questions… what, why, when, where and HOW?  How is this possible?!  The biopsy they performed earlier that day seemed to have gone okay… and what they thought could have been cancer… they were now saying looked more like an infection… which is treatable… so we were all very optimistic… So to say the news 12 hours later…that my mom was gone forever.. was shocking… is an incredible understatement.  It took my breath away… and my world completely stopped… We still have so many unanswered questions…  She was otherwise a very vibrant, healthy, spontaneous, woman… It just doesn’t make any sense…  I spoke at her celebration of life… I’m not sure how I did that but I’m glad I did… She deserved at the very least… for someone to speak on her behalf… and make sure everyone knew how incredible she was… I’ve written about her a couple of times on my blog… if you’ve missed those… please read them… They paint a beautiful picture of exactly who she was… Here is one post.. The strongest most beautiful woman I know! and here is another… Savoring Life! 

I hope you are inspired by her as much as we all were… This was the program my brother, sister and I made for her celebration of life.


I have started a #sharethelovechallenge … In her honor… to encourage people to NOT WAIT to tell those you love exactly what they mean to you.  I made this… PINIMAGE

The price you pay when you realize you will never again have that opportunity is devastating… Call 2 people you love right now and tell them you love them AND tell them why and then hashtag so that everyone else will share their love also…NOW…while it matters most. #sharethelovechallenge


To the hundreds of people who have called, texted, emailed, sent flowers, delivered food, shared stories of my sweet mom… Thank you.. a thousand times thank you… Your support through this incredibly difficult time means more than you could possibly know.

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Okay…So lets have a serious talk… me and you… whoever you are… wherever you are….;) We may not have formally met…or maybe we have… but either way… Hi!! Welcome to the blog!!:D:D

I am writing this point to apologize for slacking on my posts a bit lately… Things have been pretty busy and I am now a total of 13 blog posts behind… which means business is good I guess! But means this is where things can get overwhelming! Ha! BUT… it is nearly a full time job keeping up with a blog!

SO… I have been posting an average of about 10 posts every month religiously…for about 5+ years… and less than 1% of posts receive comments… Which is absolutley okay!  but I would like to make sure I am blogging for someone out there other than myself… Ha! So… if you are out there… leave a short comment just to let me know there is somebody out there!… and that you WOULD like me to continue blogging… or…if Facebook is more beneficial!

 OH! and let me know where you’re from!:)I would LOVE to hear from you!:)

Have a Happy Weekend!!

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  • liz - still out here! keep em coming :D

  • Mauricia - little behind in viewing, but still love to look at your blog!!

  • Katie - Keep those pictures coming!!!

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