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Gwen contacted me several months ago about photographing her special day… Right before we met I found out we had SEVERAL very good friends in common! Small world! Gwen is one of THE sweetest people you will ever meet! Incredibly Thoughtful, kind, and loving! And Gwen and Mark together…. well… They are just about perfect! Just look at the way they look at each other! Priceless! Gwen… You are stunnnning!! And the two of you together make quite the good-lookin’ couple!;)Here are some favorites!:)

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I’m taking a mini-break from working on photos…to write a personal post… Because this is something I think we all need to hear…

Breathe . . .

Did you do it?

Let me preface this by saying, I love my job.   Love it!  But that does not mean that is the only thing I’m allowed to love…

After speaking with several people in this industry I’ve come to the conclusion that many of us feel the same way… but no one voices it… so place allow me to be very real with you… at the expense of possibly stepping on some toes…

Lots of people love the weekend and look forward to holidays… People enjoy packing up and going home at the end of the day… even people who love their job.

Here is an article I found that spurred on this long overdue blog post *focus on quote at the bottom*…

Katherine Heigl… Amen Sister! You are onto something!

and guess what… When I spread myself too thin… I’m not a good photographer. I am not a good daughter. I am not a good friend. And everyone hates me! I’m pulled in a thousand different directions… and each part of me being given is just worthless.

If you’re a mother… an employee… a teacher… a wife… a husband… a sister… a student… You know exactly what I’m talking about… So what is this obsession with instant gratification? It is stressing us all out! If it is not instant… it is not cutting it!

I set and agree to deadlines to ensure I can get images and product out in a timely manner and that every client is treated like they are my only one, despite me juggling 20.  The problem is when I get late night emails and text messages asking and begging for things instantly.  If I do that (and I am guilty of jumping to it)… then your deadline is met much sooner than it needs to be, but I had no balance and you are jumping in front of other people.

I simply want to make you happy… Meaning I will do everything within my power to work as quickly as possible… because making you happy… makes me happy!  It truly does… But at what expense is it worth it?  Is it worth it to neglect my family? They won’t be here forever you know… But your photos… they aren’t going anywhere. :)  There will always be another day to work on your photos (in fact I have already scheduled that day)… but there will come a day… when its too late to go to an impromptu lunch with my parents… And I’ll think about all of the times when I could have… (For those who don’t know- 2 years ago while I was in San Diego on a photo shoot, my dad was in Los Angeles traveling the coast with a group of people… I got a phone call about 9 in the morning telling me he had a heart attack.  He underwent emergency surgery and seems to be doing just fine now! But this is especially important for me as it SHOULD have been a big EYE Opener… and I still choose to work- rather than spend time with those who mean the most to me…)

So in an effort to not spread myself to thin… I’m going to promise myself that I don’t have to have my entire ‘to-do’ list checked off before I spend some time living life! I mean lets be honest… It will never all be checked off….

I do hope this really opens all of our eyes to stop pouring all of ourselves into the things that can wait… and start pouring ourselves into things that can’t wait… We ALL do it… I am just sharing the one aspect of my life that I am going to work on being more balanced… What aspect of your life could you work on balancing?

So Breathe . . . & Savor Life

And speaking of savoring life… I am heading to Disney World for a week! I hope to feel like a kid again!:DSee you soon!:)

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  • Amber - I love it Lacy. You and I have had this conversation countless times. We need to breathe and remember that at the end of the day we need to be happy and make those who love us happy.

  • Stephanie Bachle - Amen. Thank you for being strong enough to say this. I have been fortunate enough to not have many ‘pushers’, but I know they are out there….and if you don’t want to be burned out, then stop giving a week turnaround. I truly feel that a week’s turnaround for a wedding is insanely fast.

  • Gwendolyn Martin - Lacy, you are so right! We all need to take time to breathe. I hope that you have a wonderful trip to Disney! You deserve it!!

  • Brandi Burkett - Love this post! I’m a wife and mother of two small kiddos as well as a very busy wedding photographer. Lately I find myself having to say “no’ to everyone except my clients in order to meet demands. I’m spread so thin I’m surprised I’m not completely invisible! I think this is one of the hardest parts of this job; juggling client satisfaction with having a life. Thanks for the insight and good luck :)

Whew! I have a ton to blog!  Here is my schedule for those wondering why the heck I haven’t been posting so much!  5 weddings and 20+ portrait sessions in October … and so far, one shoot per day for the month of November except for yesterday and today… I promise if there were 48 hours in a day… All of those sessions would be blogged… but here is at least a sneak peek of the last 5 shoots (Friday ~ Tuesday) to hopefully tide you over…:DYou guys are all WONDERFUL…and your personal blog posts are coming soon! Promise!;)

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I have worked with Ashley MANY times… just not in this capacity… She is the ever so fabulous wedding coordinator of An Affair to Remember Planning.  I was completely honored when Ashley asked me to shoot her engagement pictures… I absolutely LOVE working with her at every wedding… and I may have loved working with her during her engagement shoot even more! Ha!;)Who am I kidding… It’s not even WORK!  I mean really… Let’s be honest! :D  Ashley & Jeff… you two are AMAZING!! I love the way you love each other… Jeff… you treat her like a princess… and Ashley… you do not take it for granted… You appreciate each other and the love and kindness you share is very clear!  When I say I have the best clients… ever… this is why. People like you guys!:)Here is a short video I put together to capture a few sweet moments of your life… and your love… :)  (Another blog post coming soon… this is just a sneak peek of what is to come!):)

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  • ashley - lacy, you are amazing! you made this so fun and we will cherish these forever!!! love, love working with you always!!!

  • Lizzy - Lacy – AMAZING pics as always! I love the way you incorporated the video in the slideshow…so amazing. And talk about a GREAT couple…you can totally see the love they have for one another. Wish them many many blessings during their engagement and during their marriage.

  • Kirbi - This makes my heart happy!!! Love the shoot!! They are perfect!

  • Kirbi - This makes my heart happy!!! Love the shoot!! They are perfect!

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