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I feel like I say this all the time… but I truly am so incredibly blessed to work with such amazing people… those who make me love my job even more than I thought I could… and who are the kindest people I’ve ever known… Cortney & Ryan… are such people.:)Ryan is Brittany’s brother… I photographed Brittany & Caleb’s wedding last month…(that post is coming soon);)So I knew Ryan & Cortney were going to be aaamaaazing! And they certainly were!  They are so sweet together… and so beautiful! Which, by the way… is a killer combo!! ;)  We drove down to Ryan’s granny’s house in north Houston… and it was the perfect little backdrop for their session… It “fit” them so perfectly! (Another reason why I love when couples choose their own location that represents them!)  This place was special… and we had so much fun roaming all over the place… Every where I turned there was another little nook of a fabulous place begging to be used as a backdrop!  And if we didn’t have enough options… the most beautiful sunset appeared… and well.. if that wasn’t a perfect ending to a perfect night… Ryan’s granny gave me some homemade jelly! Pear & Berry!  She is making little jars as wedding favors for Cortney & Ryan’s wedding too!  Ohh the little things…

Video Coming Soon!

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  • Lia Joy - LACY!!! These photos are AMAZING!! As always :) You are fabulous!

  • Stephanie Bachle - Seriously….I have to hit your blog more often…these are BRILLIANT!!! Last one is killer.

  • Lizzy - LACY!!! Love love the last pic and I love how you have kept me entertain while working in Africa. Post more cause it’s December and I am not in a work mood.

Justin & Mary are two people that make me very happy and proud to be a part of this industry… They are real, open, honest… and they speak the truth from their heart… Not only are they passionate about business… passionate about people and passionate about photography… they are passionate about life… and embracing it… If you are in any kind of business… not just photography… and you feel like your life is ALL consumed by your business… PLEASE ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP!  Better yet… They are having a Black Friday Sale!! Please click the picture below to find more details… They are traveling to 10 cities… and Houston is one of them!! They are coming to YOU! It’s a no brainer!;) You will not be disappointed… I attended last year’s Spread the Love tour and they truly shed light from a new perspective and make you want to take control of your life again!! And remember my post from last week about spreading ourselves too thin? If you ever feel like that… really think about going to this workshop.  It will be worth your while! I promise!:)

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  • Mary Marantz - Love you, love you, love you!!! You are the best!

  • AmandaD - I’m glad they are coming to Houston- I hope to sign up :) Are you going again?

  • admin - Hi Amanda! I’m not sure if I am going yet or not! But if you have an opportunity you really should go! It is amazing!!

As I stated in this post Ashley & I have worked together on many occasions… as she is a fantastic wedding coordinator for An Affair to Remember Planning… So when she asked if I would shoot her engagement shoot I was BEYOND EXCITED!! I was thrilled, ecstatic, and honored to capture a few beautiful sweet moments between her and her fiance’ Jeff… I can not say enough amazing things about you two… Ashley… the way Jeff looks at you… proves he loves you with every single ounce of himself!  You are his world… and it was so special to capture that for you… Jeff… The way Ashley talks about you… laughs with you, looks at you… proves you are her everything!  You guys fit perfectly together… and you are magical together!  Your laughs are contagious and you bring out the absolute best in people!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture YOU… together… :)

**I generally ask clients to choose their location… and this is why… this location fit Ashley & Jeff perfectly… I am convinced that since these images reflect their personalities… they will even more special…**;)

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  • botanical brouhaha - Oh, wow! Ashley is a gem in the wedding industry…so professional, kind and graceful…and you captured her beauty perfectly. Congratulations Ashley and Jeff!

Heather and Josh… What a memorable photo shoot! haha! So Heather, Josh, and I met up on campus at A&M at the George Bush Library to kick off their mini-engagement shoot last week… I’m shooting… and out of no where come these two dogs! My first thought was… Oh my gosh!! They are so CUTE! Everyone I know will kill me if I come home with 2 more dogs! ha! They were so friendly… didn’t have collars or tags etc… but they were so well groomed and I thought… ” Well we can’t just leave them here! How do we find their owner!?”  What kind of person would we be?!  So Josh looks up and says “Oh! There are some people walking this way… I bet they belong to them!”  So I keep shooting… and the dogs are just wandering around… and then Josh says “That’s Barbara Bush!” I was like WHAT!? No way…. As in former First Lady? haha…  Sure enough…. Barbara Bush comes walking over with her bodyguard… suit, ear piece, sunglasses (Trust me… this guy did not disappoint!) And there’s Barbara Bush… looking fabulous… decked out in her A&M sweatshirt and maroon sweatpants… taking a morning walk!  She stopped and talked with us for a few minutes and was on her way!! I’ve heard stories about how sweet and funny she is… now we know first hand!  This is an engagement shoot we will never forget!  Josh- thanks for being so stinkin’ funny… I mean really… I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole shoot… and Heather… thank you for being drop-dead-gorgeous! I mean really?  Life isn’t fair!:PHere are a few favorites!

Whether you are republican or democrat… You have to admit that you don’t see a former First Lady every day!;)

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  • Tara - Love the pic with the dogs…too funny!

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