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What happens when a Texas Longhorn… and a Texas Aggie come together??   LOOOOVE!  haha!  Sorry… I couldn’t resist.  Growing up in a family… whose dad is an Aggie and whose aunt is a Longhorn… there has been friendly family rivalry my entire life!  I got the burnt orange picture frames for Christmas… as if!  (Oh my gosh! Did I just date myself and quote Clueless? Whatiswrongwithme?) Clearly, I need sleep. So when I met Keri and Matt… and was told Matt went to the University of Texas… I was like.. “Wait a minute… so… YOU went to UT…and YOU went to A&M?”  This should be interesting!  My mind flashed back to the orange picture frames… and the longhorn that was dropped off on my front porch. Okay… I made that part up… but I wouldn’t put it past my aunt to do such a thing to prove her loyalty! ;)  Anyway… Aggies and Longhorns will always be rivals…  but Keri & Matt are a perfect together…

Keri & Matt… The way you smile at each other, talk to each other, hold each other, hug each other… laugh together… it is perfection… We can’t all be perfect (Matt)… but you guys are perfect together.  You compliment each other in such a special way and I am blessed to know you and so, so, so excited to spend your special day with you!

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  • Lia Joy - LOVE them all! The one of them kissing the dog, it looks like the doggy is smiling!! :) Great as always, Lacyyyy!

  • liz perdomo - Keri and both are lucky to have found each other rivalry and all aside. You compliment each other well and just look absolutely gorgeous together. Matt!! you’re killing me here…your love and affection towards Keri is ridiculous! Congrats to you both!! awesome stuff Lacy!!

Jen & Austin… I really can not say enough about you guys… Words just don’t seem to do you justice!! Ya’ll are the definition of AWESOME!! It is abundantly evident that you love each other so incredibly much and your friendship is the key to it all!! I adore you guys and I feel so blessed to have been able to spend your special day celebrating with you!! I am glad to call you friends… and I am glad to know people who not only love…but show their love to everyone in their lives… It is overflowing! I am so thankful for you!:)(If you missed their engagement session… Check it out!)  (Oh! The pink paper in the cd case was how Austin proposed to Jen!):)

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  • Lori - How sweet is this couple?! What a great story, and what a sweet, personal wedding. You captured it beautifully!

  • Reggie - Fantastic coverage there lady… Jen looks beautiful!

  • Matthew Rogers - Wow. You looked breathtaking Jenn. I love seeing you so happy!

A couple of nights ago I woke up around 4:30 in the morning after falling asleep on the couch… grabbed my phone, my glass of water and headed to my room… Crawled into bed… and laid there for a few minutes in the dark… sleepless. Ha!  So I did what every normal person does… grabbed my phone and checked my email/twitter… because… you know… I’m sure lots of people were emailing and tweeting between midnight and 4:30 inthemorning! I’m weeding through spam mail and I see this email from Bridget Marquardt… (formerly from The Girls Next Door & Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches)… it was one line that ensured I would not be falling asleep anytime soon… haha… It said, “This came out in Star Mag today!! Thought you might like!”  So I scrolled down and saw THIS!!

Bridget Marquardt Star MagazinePINIMAGE

Bridget Marquardt Star Magazine

I was SO stinkin’ EXCITED!! and it was FOUR… THIRTY… in the MORNING! lol!!  I couldn’t share the news with…  ANYONE… I mean.. my dogs heard me let out some kind of a high pitched squeal… but that was about it! haha!  I am not one to boast… but I was incredibly excited!

I woke up…  Went to the store…  and the magazine wasn’t out yet!  Sad!  Haha… BUT…I went into the store today…and IT WAS ON THE SHELF!!  It is the one with Jennifer Aniston and the Royal Wedding on the cover if you’d like to see it for yourself!


And in case you’d like to see the non-magazine version of the picture… Here you go!


If you missed the other posts of Bridget & would like to see them… they are here, here, and here!:)

Bridget… It was a pleasure working with you…and I can’t wait to work with you again!

The make-up artist for this shoot was the crazy talented Katarina Van Derham.  You may recognize her from this post!

**All images except the last one were taken with an iPhone**

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  • Heather - Omg!! That is INCREDIBLY exciting! Congrats!! If anyone deserves it, it’s you.

  • Nick - I’m proud of you my friend! Keep paving the way and setting new trends. All of your talent and creativity starts in your mind and now hopefully the world will see! Your possibilities are limitless!!!

  • Heidi Leigh - Ahhh Sooo happy for you friend! :) You are a rockstar! Congrats!!!

  • Lizzy - I am SO proud of you!!! We tried finding Star in England, without any luck!!!

  • Courtney - Lacy congrats!!!!

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