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HAPPY SATURDAY!!   So…there are about 3,000 of you who visit this blog every month… and I want to say THANK YOU!   BUT…I don’t know hardly ANY of you… Most of you don’t say anything…(I think you are either shy… or just aren’t sure what to say…) but either way… I know you’re there ha!  AND… its nice knowing I’m not just blogging for my health!   😉    HOWEVER  I would LOVE  to know who YOU are!!   Whether you are a BRIDE or a MOM or a PHOTOGRAPHER… I just want to know YOU!  So in an effort to get some of you to speak up… and tell me WHO you are… I am going to have a sweet little give-away!!

While I was in London a few weeks ago I visited the Lush Spa! And I’ve decided every girl needs to have a Lush spa day of her own!  I will be giving away $100 worth of Yummy Lush products… To help you relax…. and pamper yourself!!  Ladies… we don’t do this NEARLY enough… and this may FORCE you to relax!!   If you are a GUY… You can choose what $100 gift card you want and I’ll get it to ya! 🙂

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS: Leave a Short and Sweet comment below telling me who you are… and maybe a couple of things about you! Bride? Photographer? Food lover?  Bath taker? haha…

WHATEVER you want to tell me!    Don’t be shy!! Just a little somethin! 🙂


 AND a special thanks to Liz…who ALWAYS leaves sweet uplifting comments for my clients to read! You are a doll!



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  • Courtney - Lacy, you are one FAB photog and just awesome outside of that as well! You are so sweet every time I talk to you AND you have such great advice!! I am a fellow photographer and am currently editing photos. 🙂 I have been at mini sessions and a banquet all night on my meet taking pictures… and am in need of a SPA! Thanks so much! Cool contest 🙂

  • Amanda @ Click. The Good News - I’m just a random blogger in Houston who likes your work & appreciates good photography. I mostly blog about my life, travels, wine, marathons & my dog. 🙂

  • Lindsey Jameyson - Lacy I have known you for a long time!! Your pictures continue to make speechless. I love a good love story 🙂 You always tell the most beautiful stories through your photography. I love to look at your posts daily!!

  • Tiffany - Hi Lacy, I am a fellow photographer in love with your images. I love your perspective and following your work.

  • Cherie Ewton - Hey Lacy, I met you at your workshop with Amber a few years ago. My favorite pictures of yours are the ones from your travels.. Italy, England and Paris oh my! I hope to visit all those places as well. P.S I am a bath taker 😉 and Lush products are amazing!

  • Heather McCrocklin - Hi Lacy,
    I’m Courtney’s sister-in-law and I fell in love with your photography when I saw the shots you did for her engagement/bridal/wedding. I’m just a girl who likes pretty pictures, and all of yours are wonderful!

  • Liz Perdomo - AAAHHHHHHH!! say what!? I got a blog post mention!!!? whoop whoop ha haa!

    Lacy you are the best! for a little about who I am…I am your number ONE fan, I love Italian food, I love ice-cream, I love my children, I love my life and those who surround me and I love commenting on your blog 🙂 …because flat out..why wouldn’t I?!? why wouldn’t anyone!? For so long I scrolled through your posts until I realized I couldn’t keep shut any longer. Your work is a representation of who you are…and who you are is awesome!! There is just such a high spirit one can feel when viewing your images. I feel the love, tenderness and overall moments your clients find themselves in. I can go on..ha ha!
    Sooo…I am gonna keep my fingers crossed on this drawing…especially bc my birthday is on that week! :0) and bc I have been feeling so run down, looking like a hot mess that I sure do need some me time ha ha ^_^

  • Biju Oommen - Hi Lacy, I am not a stalker, I promised :). I liked your contents and its true that we have so many visitors on our blog but most of them are always a mystery. Either shy or not sure what to say. I am on [b] school as well. Went through few of your other stories and love the details you capture. Great crisp nice shots. Fabulous is the word that comes to me when i see your shots. Some day we should catch up. Its a small world. Enjoy your day and happy valentines.

  • Meredith - What a great post!! I’m a photographer and should really do the same thing on my blog. Who are all of these awesome people who check out our work on a regular basis?? I’m a wedding and boudoir photog in Arkansas. Love your work!!!

  • Kirbi - I love this idea idea!! You are so awesome! Well..I guess I am here because I am one of your loyal and most loving stalkers/fans and you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried!! haha 🙂 But really, I love ya and your images are swoon worthy, beautiful, evoking, I could go on….XOXO

  • Tania G - I’m a photographer/crafter from Dallas. I love your style 🙂

  • Joel - Hello. I’m a local photographer you met early this year. I started seeing your work late last year and decided that I need to see more, particularly the travel photos since I travel a lot too. And now that you mention it, I am “food enthusiast.” I think that’s one level below “foodie” (I can’t call myself that until I can break down a dish by all its components – maybe some day). Rock On, Lacy!

  • Stephenie - I am just an average girl/full time mom, who enjoys living other parts of the world through your photography lens!

  • Lana - I’m a bride! 🙂 01-12-13

  • Megan - I am a photographer in Houston, TX. I think that you are extremely talented and know how to use your gear. I love your bridal shots. I can definitely appreciate a GOOD photographer…there are so many out there who are all talk, but images speak louder than words. Keep up the good work!

  • Ara - Hi Lacy! I’m a bride searching for the perfect photographer – and you’re an amazing one 🙂

  • Rebecca - Houston photographer here (mostly the southside…Alvin/sugarland)- have long followed your work! I think I first found you on a photography forum and have pretty much checked the blog daily ever since.

  • Heidi Leigh - I am a photographer and friend. 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE baths and one of my brides had Lush products and I was filled with Envy. I hear they are amazing. Love your blog, your work and you!

Kate and Travis… Thank you…a thousand times for allowing me to capture your special day… I LOVE the way you love each other… it radiates… Your families… Amazing… I think I stayed after the reception and talked with your parents for about an hour! haha! Without a doubt… I have captured some of the sweetest moments I’ve ever captured… at your wedding…. Here is your story 🙂

PINIMAGETravis and Kate’s wedding was on 11.12.11… right before the last A&M vs Texas game… so when I saw the Texas Monthly magazine sitting there in the hotel room… I decided to put it to use. 🙂
PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEKate… You. Are. Stunning!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEOn the right… Kate is reading a sweet letter from her groom… moments before walking down the aisle 🙂
Makeup – Leah Comstock
Reception – Hotel Derek

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  • Stephanie Bachle - So fun! Love the ring shots…great moments captured.

  • Liz Perdomo - Loving all the sweet moments from this wedding and of course the fun reception! 🙂
    Kate, I am all about that lace on your dress! You looked so beautiful and happy!! Great church and loved, loved the candle piece backdrop behind cakes. I want to know more about the groom’s cake…how awesome was that! And not to mention the super neat idea to throw petals while you danced!
    Lacy, again…amazing! I agree on that image where Travis and Kate look at each other! and I can’t get enough of the one where their noses are touching. so sweet! What I love about you Lacy is the fact that you aren’t afraid to get personal. You staying to chat with the parents shows how real you are! Shows how you care!

  • Gina Lewis - Love the bw of the bride… The detail is so amazing… And of course the bride with father shot… Great images… Love how clean everything looks

  • Kirbi - LOVE the photo of the bride’s face up close! Beautiful details!

Keri and Matt… I know I photographed your wedding in October and these are long overdue but I’m playing catch up!! So a huge Thank you for being so patient…and an even bigger thank you for being an amazing couple… and for loving dogs as much as I do!! I am glad to call you

friends and I feel like the luckiest photographer in the world! 🙂 *hugs*  Here’s to reliving your day all over again! 🙂  If you missed their engagement session check it out here! 🙂


Instead of doing a first look, Keri and Matt held hands on each side of the door… It built so much excitement for their “I do’s” Such a sweet idea!PINIMAGEPINIMAGE

Keri’s dad wanted to have a special moment with his daughter before the ceremony… They have such a special relationship… I guess I wasn’t suppose to sneak a picture… but it was so hard to let such a sweet moment go by… There was a little crack in the window covering… so I un-intrusively (is that a word? ha) snagged a shot… I just wanted them to remember that moment forever. 🙂 On the left: Keri and her dad hugging… On the right: Keri and her brother hugging while her dad looked on… Two of my favorite shots of the day… Such an incredible family. 🙂PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE


I *LOVED* that all the guys wore funky socks!! HA! Even the dads! Look at that! Perfect!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

Matt and his family brew their own beer… So what better cake…than this one! This bottle on the right is the family beer! 🙂PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

Matt and his dad dancing! HA! LOVED this!!PINIMAGEPINIMAGE


Last shot of the night… I know this shot has a little motion blur…. but I still loved it so it made the blog. 🙂PINIMAGE

Dress: Maggie Sottero (Karena Royale)

Hair  and Makeup: Hilda Kershman Makeup Studio

Flowers: CM Florist

Ceremony: Grace Presbyterian Church

Quartet: Evan’s Wedding Ensemble

Video: Sams Digital Productions – Sam Basile

Reception: The Woodlands Waterway Marriott

DJ: Sound Connections DJ – Paul Olson

Linens: Elegant Beginnings

Event Coordinator: Sheila Settles – sheilasettles[at]

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  • LIz Perdomo - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! i literally cried. Ya got me with that sweet moment where Kerri is with her dad!
    By far a fav shoe shot!! who could forget Kerri’s shoes! and beautiful smile. I don’t know why, but I love this girl! ..I don’t even know her lol. I can’t get over their engagement session and now its gonna be a tough one to forget their wedding.
    Now what’s up with these groom’s cakes now a days? Matt..the cake was ridiculously amazing…it looked so realistic! Socks were so much fun to look at throughout the wedding as well! Lacy..SWEET! stuff!

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