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I have tried to write this blog post 3 times and I absolutely can not find the words to explain how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people.  Bobby… you love Lauren so much it shows in every single thing you do!! And Lauren… the small gimpses… that you take at him when you think no one is looking…  (And I caught one of those during the first look.. see below!)  Those are the glimpses of adoration… You guys adore each other and it shows!! Lauren… Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!… For going above and beyond… for being more than just a bride… but being a friend as well… When you call and the first thing you say is, “Heeeey…what are you doin!?”  or when you asked me how my shoot went… or how my trip went… before I ever have a chance to ask you how your honeymoon was…  That means more than you know! :)  You are truly selfless and thoughtful…and I am thankful that I have the privilege of working with such incredible people!  I had an amazing time capturing your special, special day… and I had a terrible time choosing favorites… so internet… you get… a lot. ha! Enjoy! :)  (Oh…and if you’re an avid golf-follower/player you’ll appreciate this little bit of info! Bobby is a PGA golfer and won the New Zealand Open last year!)  I’ll brag on him… because he would never do it himself…and I’ll brag on Lauren…because behind every great man…is a great woman!! So I think its fair to say we can give Lauren credit for Bobby’s awesomeness on the course! ;)  Well… we can give Bobby a little credit too… :)  (They met while playing golf at Texas A&M University!  How many awesome girl golfers do you know?… You know one now!! haha!)  OH! Another awesome little fact… Displayed at the wedding were several vintage wedding gowns from several generations… worn on women in Lauren’s family! You’ll see that below too!;)

Vendors: Makeup by Renee – Renee Gonzales  (Excellent… Seriously…If you don’t have a makeup artist and you need one.. You will LOVE her!)

Bride’s Hair: Salon Kendall – Adrianna Martinez

Church: St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church – The Woodlands, Tx

Reception: Woodlands Country Club -Palmer Clubhouse - Aimee Hume

Flowers: Blooming Idea- The Woodlands- Francis Egbert

Cake: Kiss the Cook Cakes- Lisa Green

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

DJ: Prime Time DJ- Dale Nowak

Lighting: APB Sounds-Ronnie Gilbert

Alterations: Sew it Seems- Anna Hulan

Linens: Elegant Beginnings- Jill Vidal

Alden Limo

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  • Maddie - Lauren, you are the most gorgeous bride ever! Amazing photography! I love that Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off Lauren. You guys are going to have some beautiful babies some day! I’m sorry California is so far away from you both. I miss you!

  • Michelle - Mother of the Bride - Lacy, You are one amazing woman, photographer and most of all friend. The blog that you posted will touch everyones heart as well as it did mine. Thank you so much for capturing the love and friendship that Lauren and Bobby have with each other through your lens. I wish you only continued happiness and success.

  • Geoff Duncan - Lacy is my hero! Great photos my friend! I hope you figured out your camera issues yesterday!

  • Kim Bachman - The moments you capture are awesome. You’re such an inspiration to me!

Alex and Brian… Words can absolutely not do justice to how amazing the two of you are… The minute I met you  I felt a connection!!  I’d imagine most people do!  You two are the kind of people everyone feels “at home” with!  Genuine… sweet… easy going and an absolute blast to be around!  The list goes on! I can not wait to get to hang out with you more….and take more pictures…ha..because lets face it… The camera loooovesss you!! Y’all are naturals!! It was so hard but I narrowed down some favorites!!:)Thanks for being utterly fabulous! AND Sexy! Really!:D

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  • jcogliandro - killer set. love these!

  • Haley - Gorgeous! Love love love them All.

  • Adam Nyholt - Very, Very nice!

  • Shauna - Really stunning, Lacy!!!

  • Lindsey - Gorgeous couple! Great work!!!

  • Ben Sassani - Awesome set, Lacy! beautiful couple.

  • Daniel Chee - gawsh they are a beautiful couple. Awesome job capturing them.

  • Lizzy - WOW!!! Amazing couple and amazing pictures!!!

  • Courtney Dellafiora - OHMYGAWD!!!!!! Amazing!! Love this shoot. And ummm the very last shot on the right… I DIIIIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Bachman - You really capture their beauty. So amazing.

Samantha and Jacoby… Could you be any more adorable? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure you look like you walked straight out of an abercrombie magazine… (except… you guys are wearing clothes) ha! But in all seriousness… The camera loves you!! And I couldn’t be happier to be working with such a sweet and incredible couple!! I am lucky to work with people like you guys! Truly… You’re amazing!!:)

Here is an excerpt I “borrowed” from Samantha & Jacoby’s wedding site… about his proposal! :)

“We were in Steamboat, Colorado with my family. Between soaking up our time skiing on the beautiful snowy mountains and curling up watching movies with the family at night, it was already another amazing Christmas vacation, but, little did I know, it was about to get so much better! It was Christmas day. The weather was perfect, the skiing was phenomenal, and we had just gotten back to the house. Jacoby had been dying to take me to this gazebo all week… it has the most amazing view of the city… He started to tell me something deep and meaningful… I of course don’t remember because of what happened next! He dropped to one knee with a perfect little black box appearing in his hands and asked “Samantha Marie Payton, will you marry me?” – Yep, middle name and all – My response then came without hesitation “Yes, yes, yessssss!”. We kissed. And then, probably his favorite part, I said (through all my tears of joy) “I can’t wait until our forever officially starts…”

Samantha and Jacoby… we’ll call this… the preface… of your story… and your forever is ONLY just beginning… Enjoy, Savor, and Desire every moment of your forever… together…:)

Here are a few favorites!

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