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I’m taking a break for the rest of the Holiday Season!! Things may be a little quiet around here… as I am organizing and preparing for a fresh, exciting, and non-overwhelming start in the New Year!!  HOORAY!  😀

 I will be out of office from December 22 through January 4th!  I will still be checking emails and will respond to things that need immediate attention! 🙂

And because every post is better with a photo… Here is a sneak peek from my latest shoot with Bridget!



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  • liz perdomo - Enjoy your break!! Have a Merry Christmas and I can’t wait for next year! Blessings!!

GUESS WHAT’S HERE!!!? Elizabeth and Stewart’s England Wedding!! I know, I know… long awaited for…and long overdue.  Love this couple and love this wedding!  In case you missed Lizzy and Stewart’s Engagement shoot in Curacao (by Aruba)… You will definitely want to check it out… Ahh.. beautiful!!

Lizzy and Stewart… Thank you a thousand times for not only allowing me to capture your day for you… but trusting me enough to have me travel across the world to do it!  That may be the best compliment ever…  It was an honor to spend your day with you… your friends and family (who I now call my friends and family haha)!  It was breathtaking and perfect…and I am SO excited for your future and for many spontaneous adventures to come!! (and feel free to invite me on any of them!) haha! I will gladly hop on a plane and take pictures of you anywhere you want to go! 😀  Enough of me blabbing!! Take a look… 😉



I know I said I would stop blabbing… but I have to say this… Lizzy’s mother made her wedding dress… and her aunt and grandma sewed every. single. bead… by hand.  I was crazy impressed….PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

PINIMAGELove this sweet moment between Lizzy and her mom… She’s so sweet!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE


Her mom made her veil too… I love that she held it while they signed their names in the book!


Lizzy and Stewart have traveled a lot together… so each center piece had a different emblem representing where they have been… Paris… London… Curacao… Africa… etc 🙂  Really great idea to incorporate your lives into your day!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Lizzy - Lacy – trust me…it was an honor having you there or honour as the English write it/say it! LOL! We had such a great day and loved that you were there!!! And I look forward to many trips with you!

  • Melissa - Beautiful images! Makes me want to take another trip to England, that’s for sure!!

  • liz perdomo - Spectacular!! Congrats the the Newlyweds!!
    Lacy, I am so glad you have clients/friends who love you and love your work to the extent of taking you overseas 🙂 That is flat out awesomeness.
    Now about the wedding, I am just in awe over that gown!!! I would have cried seeing it for the first time if it was me. Lizzy is most definitely blessed to have had her mother, aunt and grandmother work on her dress. That will be quiet a heirloom in her fam now (i am assuming). She looked radiant and fit her perfectly. Simply love it!! Not to mention the veil as well. I loved how you captured their tears, laughter, and good times on the dance floor. love. love .love!

  • Nick - Great post!

Ohh emm gee! Megan and Collen… Thank you… Thank you for being fun… being beautiful…and being Aggies! haha! You guys are such a pleasure to be around! And are just incredibly sweet! I think I had 80 favorites from this shoot and it has taken me forever just to narrow down to my favorites…of my favorite favorites… ha! (It’s late and it makes sense to I’m stickin’ with it!) 😉 haha… You guys are aaahhmazing! So excited for your big day!


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  • liz perdomo - awe! love them. they both have great smiles =) great light on the second image and I just love how you placed photos of diff outfits side by side and of course..the coolest dog leash!! ha ha

In case you missed the sneak peek of this fabulous new company… here is another bunch of goodies for you to swoon over! If you need help designing a party/shower/dinner etc… Call Kirbi and Tina at A Style Collective! Their designing will blow. your. mind. It’s brilliant! Take a look! 😉



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  • liz perdomo - oh! love. love. love the lace!! the pin board and all the yummy treats. So did you taste first and then shoot or shoot first and then taste? 😀

  • A Style Collective - Thank you so much for these amazing photos Lacy! We were so happy you were able to make it! Merry Christmas and enjoy your BREAK! 🙂 xo, ASC

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