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I am heartbroken as I write this… I could not even imagine going through something like this… After you read please consider passing this along to your churches, families, friends, facebook profiles, twitter followers, email lists etc…  If you are a photographer, please consider posting this to your blog as well.   Anything would be helpful.

In October, Kim Flowers passed away leaving a husband and 4 boys -  6, 9, 12, & 14 years old. This month their father passed away… Leaving these children without any parents… Their grandmother is going to be taking care of them and will be moving them to Colorado to live with her… If there is any way you can help this family financially… please consider doing that… ONE dollar would help… Just $1.

ANYTHING is better than NOTHING.

To help the Flowers family:

* Join the Facebook group CS Peeps 1 for more information

* Donate a meal to the children by contacting Staci Hazlett at

* Donate to a savings account set up for the children at Bank of America with the routing/account info below.

Make checks payable to Susan Solich at Bank of America, 111 University Drive E. College Station, TX 77840. Account No. 586023930684; Wire routing No. 026009593.

Also, Please click this link to see images and a slideshow of the family and what the community is doing to help hold this family together!

You can also click this link to watch the news story.

Thank you for helping and please don’t forget to re-post this in any way you can!

Thank you guys!!

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  • Nicole Szelc - Bawling my eyes out, and just can’t stop. Those poor babies. I can’t stand to think about what they must be going through. I can’t imagine my life without one, much less both of my parents. :-(

In November my friend Heidi and I took a vacation!  An actual vacation.  Not the… Ihave5shootsand2daystorelax vacation… A real one!  Heidi is also a wedding photographer based in Colorado… and in this business for some reason… we understand it is very hard to not take work with us everywhere we go!  We inevitably end up doing a photo shoot or two… or three.;)Which is fine… sometimes. ;)  I love my job!  But it is not ALL that I love.  And sometimes… we just need a break from our ordinary routine… and we need to live life a little!;)What better place to do that… than DISNEY!  Our only plan was to have a great time! We actually bounced between a couple of places… (Mexico, New Zealand…) and we decided to go where we could feel like a KID again! :D  We didn’t have too much time to get away so Disney was perfect! :)  Not to mention breaking the bank didn’t sound very fun. Ha!  I am embarrassed that I am JUST now posting these photos… I’ve been taking a little more time with blogging and editing… and things have been much more balanced and much less stressful!!  I highly recommend it! ;)  So thank you for being so patient in between posts!:)

When I was a child, it was our family tradition to take a road trip to Disney every 4th of July for a few years…  (The parades and fireworks were the best then!) ;)   So there were several things that were my favorite 20 years ago that I had to see again…  Figment… The Parade of Lights… etc. Oh my gosh… I just dated myself… TWENTY YEARS AGO?! Where does the time go! Anyway… moving on before I feel too old… ;) 

I want to have a contest… and a challenge! For all of us who work a little too hard and don’t take nearly enough time out for ourselves… Please tell me how you plan on laying work (any job- not just photography) aside…and doing something that you’ve been WANTING to do… that you haven’t made time for.  I challenge you to DO IT! And I want to HEAR about it in the comment section!   I’ll give a $10 iTunes gift card to a random winner!  Come on… I’m basically PAYING you to take some time to do what you LOVE!  YOU CAN DO IT and YOU DESERVE IT!! :)   

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  • Stephanie Bachle - Holy crap Lacy! The colors are BRILLIANT in this post! Awesome pics, awesome color! The float picture with the flowers has to be my favorite. Nice work, as usual.

  • Casey - haha! Stephanie! I was thinking the EXACT same thing! These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! Felt like I was there! The last set of 6 images are def my faveeee!

  • Amber - You already know how I feel about these photos….and they’re definitely making me smile!!

  • Johanna - Those are BEAUTIFUL!! The castle ones are stunning! WOW! :)

  • Anna Floyd - I LOVE these photos! They are all so full of fun! This year I turn 30, and I have promised myself that I will begin to take way better care of my skin. Along with the routine of washing, moisturizing and just using better products – one thing I am doing for myself is allowing myself to get Facials and visit the dermatologist frequently to understand how to keep my adult break-outs and sun damage to a minimum. :) So, there you go.

  • Leeann Marie - Hey! Just wanted to stop by and say hello! :) These photos all make me 110% jealous that I am here in snowy Pittsburgh and not in the most magical place on earth in Florida :( Thanks a lot! ;)

  • Gema Blanton - WOW!!!! the last ones are AWESOME!!!

  • Kile - I don’t think I have ever wanted to go to Disney World more badly than I do now. Those rock!

  • Chelsea Renae - This year I am going to forget about the stresses of work and start trying to have a baby. How is that for a plan!?!

  • Courtney Hodge - So, its been a while since I have seen all of your updates–oh my goodness Lacy, you never cease to amaze me!! All of your pics are just INCREDIBLE, which is why its taking me SO long to pick out my wedding pics–because they are all so good :). Miss you TONS!

  • sandee - Those are amazing!!!! Samantha told me about the lollipops yesterday so I just had to see. And, as usual you are “nothing short of fabulous”. Samantha is a lucky girl to have you.

  • Luke - Love these! I am a HUGE fan of Disney World, I have been 14 time, and I can’t wait to go again!

Brittany & Caleb… I am truly blessed with some of the sweetest couples that grace the face of this earth…  and you two are no exception!  It has been my pleasure working with you guys and getting to know you… but I’m not out of your hair yet! ;)  I’m excited to see you at your brother and Cortney’s wedding this summer! Here are some favorites!:)Enjoy!

The Fabulous Vendors!
Event Coordinator: Ashley Brockman with An Affair to Remember Event Planning

Cakes: Sandee Moss with Cinderella Stories Cakes

Flowers: Nita’s Flowers

Linens: A Designed Event

DJ & Lighting: Wade Vanderboom with Livewire Productions

Videographer: Jon Stone with Stone Media

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  • Heather - Where did they have their reception? It looks familiar

  • Jessica - Absolutely stunning once again Lacy! Love every one of these! How fun! :o)

  • Tammy - Absolutely beautiful!

  • Kim Bachman - So gorgeous! You’re definitely my inspiration.

  • Amber - 110% AWESOME!!!

  • admin - @Heather It was at Miramont Country Club in College Station! :)

  • Kayla - Absolutely FAB! & that dress…WOW!!! Great job!!!!

  • Gema Blanton - BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! I have my favorite photographers and you are one of them!!!

  • Lindsey - GORGEOUS!!! I love her color scheme and the umbrellas made such a nice touch! Great pictures, beautiful couple!!!

  • Andrea - SOOO beautiful!! Love her dress and of course the sparkler pics are always my fave :) Amazing job girl!

  • Reggie - That is one hell of a cake!!! Awesome coverage lady!!

  • Maria - STUNNING, and BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

  • M. Clay - An absolutely gorgeous capture of this wedding. Always love your work.

I have been SO excited to post these… Being a HUGE animal lover myself… when Maegan asked if we could take her bridal pictures with her horse… My answer was a very excited “YES!” See, when I was a little girl, I always wanted a horse… The neighbor behind our house growing up had a horse on his property… and I used to walk back there with a handful of carrots and apples! ha! I loved that horse like it was my own.:)Maegan & Travis’ wedding was yesterday so I can now post these!:)Maegan… Firstly… Thank you for being so incredibly sweet. I mean really… You are just a joy to be around… and Travis too… but I’ll get into that during the wedding post!;)Here are a few favorites!:)

Makeup Artist is the fabulous Rachel Espindola with Face Art Makeup Studio!

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  • Lindsey - Oh my!!! Stunning!! I love the horse. Beautiful pictures!!

  • Haley - Lovely! =)

  • Melanie - Wow Lacy!! Can I take my bridals with her horse too?? Gorgeous bride and amazing photos :)

  • Kirbi - These turned out wonderful Lacy! So naturally gorgeous!

  • Maegan - Lacy, you are amazing! I had so much fun doing these with you and ruby! Can’t wait to seed the wedding!

  • Karen Matthews - I can’t stop looking at them!

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