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Tough economic times call for action. This workshop is designed for you to take a hard look at your studio. You will walk away with a clear idea of what changes you can make tomorrow. This interactive workshop, led by Christopher Santi, National Sales Manager at, is designed for studios that are committed to being successful.

Come learn the business strategies that Chris has incorporated into this workshop from hundreds of visits to successful studios around the country.

You will learn:

1. What Profitable Studios are Doing – Understand what is working in the most successful professional photography studios across the U.S.

2. What to STOP – Conquer your fear of change and see the most common things that studios have stopped doing in order to increase their profitability

3. What to START - Take away at least three new ideas that you will be able to implement immediately

4. What your Finances Really Mean – Hear highlights from PPA’s benchmark survey of 250 studios to help you measure your studio’s financial strength right from Kevin, a PPA board member 5. How to Plan for the Future – Discover easy steps that successful studios are taking toward improving the financial management of their studios

Monday, August 15th 6:30-9:30

Location: Cabo’s in Downtown Houston

419 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 225-2060

Appetizers are covered… drinks are on you;)

PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL AT to let me know if you plan on making it!:)

What Photographers are Saying:

“An informative and dynamic speaker, Chris’ presentation taught me how to focus on my goals, gain a competitive edge, and discover how to develop my studio’s business strategy.” – Pete Wright, PW Photography, Richmond, VA.

“Chris presented a solid approach to analyzing business and action plans, and he really got me thinking about change – outside the box.” – Robert J. Trenske, RJT Pictures LLC, Bridgeport, CT

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  • liz perdomo - Hope many took advantage of this great opportunity! Sad I am not a local if not i would have been there :( but Lacy…when can we expect you to speak? :)

  • admin - haha!! I LOVE teaching!! Hopefully Soon!!! :D I’m working on it!! :D Where do you live Liz?

  • liz perdomo - I am from Tyler :D …where the only thing ppl do on a great weekend is go out to eat!! ha ha ha!!

  • liz perdomo - Texas of course ;)

1. Starting out, would you recommend just staying in Av mode and focusing on Depth of field and let the camera pick the shutter?

For those of you who don’t know… AV mode means Aperture priority… which is Similar to AUTO… but AUTO will allow your camera’s shutter speed and aperture to constantly fluctuate. AV mode means you set your aperture on what you’d like for it to stay on (lets say… 2.8)…and your camera automatically chooses what shutter is a good combination to work with your aperture at 2.8.

If you are still learning your camera this is a good place to start… Some photographers prefer AV mode

If you prefer a little more control you can shoot in Manual… This allows you to be in control of every aspect: Shutter, Aperture, ISO, Exposure etc… (I like to shoot a little brighter so I may bump my exposure up +1 rather than have it at 0).

2. If I’m shooting outside in the early evening before sunset, should I keep my ISO at like 100? If I can’t get enough ‘light’ and I bump it up, that creates too much noise right? What’s a good ISO to keep my cam on at any time? I know indoor is a different story right? I have issues with shadows indoors.

You can use an ISO of 100 if you are in direct sunlight… If you need to bump it to 400 or so… you won’t see very much noise… Sometimes, if I’m shooting in doors at a reception I bump it to 1600 or higher… a little noise is not necessary a bad thing… and remember each camera handles noise a little differently…  I think 400 is a good place to start and adjust from there!

If you are shooting with natural lighting indoors… you will most likely have to slow your shutter, raise your ISO, or both… Unless you are shooting in a place that has a ton of ambient light coming in! Then your settings could be similar to outdoor settings!

3. Are there any manual settings you recommend starting with? I like a shallow DOF mostly but I figure with a moving subject that may be hard unless your shutter makes up for it??

Yes! You’re absolutely right!  I generally prefer shooting at a 2.8 aperture or less… but if your subject is moving (even a couple of inches forward and backward) it could be difficult… Kids are especially unpredictable… You almost have to anticipate their move… Focus… and shoot quickly!:)It’s harder than it looks!:)haha! There is a difference between “motion” blur (which can be fixed by increasing your shutter speed) or “out of focus” blur when your subject is moving toward or away from you… in this case, increasing your shutter won’t help any.

4.For receptions, what are you doing to get the full color, everything sharp with no noise? I shoot them two ways: one, lower shutter speed, (maybe around a 60th with 250 iso and a flash that I will bounce) or I will shoot it with a very high iso..which always leads to more noise (obviously). So I’m just wondering what your take is on that.;)

If your ISO is raised to get a little more light… as long as there IS sufficient light…either ambient or flash… you won’t see as much noise… You’ll only see Noise in the darks… It sounds like the main difference may be in post processing… I generally like to edit with more contrast… so it just “polishes” the photo… It may not be anything you’re doing wrong in shooting…it may just be an editing difference.:)

Also… I thought this may be helpful! Thanks to



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  • liz perdomo - so the questions were about DOF and ISO?? why did someone not ask “why is Lacy so awesome!?” ;) ha ha. really though! These cheat sheets are really neat and useful for beginners! good stuff.

I am photographing this beautiful brides wedding today so I can finally post these!:)Erika! I can’t wait to see the look on your soon to be husband’s face when he see’s you for the first time today!!

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  • liz perdomo - BEAUTIFUL girl! love the shoes and of course her furry friend. Great to see the pearls too! Looking forward to seeing images of Erika next to her groom right about now ;)

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