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Garrett and Andrea… It was such a pleasure capturing your sweet and beautiful family! Lauren and Austin are getting bigger by the second! (Wow… That totally dates me!! I remember when I was a little girl and all of the “old” people used to say… “My my how much she’s grown!” or… “It seems like just yesterday she was thiiisss big” haha!)… But it is so true! I wish we could slow time down just a little bit! I’m sure we all feel that way. 😉 In case you missed their last family session … you can see those here! 🙂


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  • Meredith Melody - Love, love, love the light in these images. You did an amazing job of capturing and showcasing all of their personalities. Beautiful images!

A couple of weeks ago I was in Europe to photograph Lizzy and Stewarts England wedding… I visited Italy first… and while in Vernazza… I was heading out to dinner and this sweet couple was walking in… They were staying in the room that we stayed in the last time we visited Vernazza in 2007… Of course…the talker that I am, I asked if they were their for vacation or honeymoon… and she smiled really big…and Viet says.. “Just vacation…” and then she swings her hand up showing off her BEAUTIFUL ring…and says… “We just got engaged!” I said “WHAT!! Like JUST NOW!!?” And she said… “Yes! Just a few minutes ago!!” So OF COURSE… since I was already there for a photo shoot… I had all of my equipment and I asked if they’d like an impromptu shoot the next morning…and voila!! Here it is! I could not let them go home without capturing the very place they were engaged!! This was TRULY an ENGAGEMENT SHOOT! 🙂 These pictures also mean so much more now… A flood and mudslide hit Vernazza ( and Monterosso) last week (a week after we left) and it devastated the whole village…and It will be years before it is back to the way it was in these photos… so I am even more thankful now than ever… that we were able to take some time out and capture such a special moment. 🙂 Melissa and Viet… It was SO nice meeting you guys… We will definitely keep in touch! 🙂


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  • Erin - Oh my goodness, Cinque Terre! One of my most favourite spots on the planet. These photos are beautiful! Congrats to the happy couple 🙂

  • Christian Ward - Wow what a great story to these photos! Really well-captured and some lovely moments.

  • Lisa - oh, Vernazza, how I miss you! What amazing photos — and such a good story. I am sad to hear of the destruction, but will always remember how gorgeous the sun there made me feel — I’m sure this couple will never forget what you’ve done for them. Bravo!

  • Meredith Melody - How fun is this?? What a great story!

  • Samantha w/ Jonathan Ivy Photography - Ahhh man this makes me want to go back to Europe. How fun! There is so much to work with there, the culture, colors and the history is so beautiful! What a beautiful session!

Kate and Travis!! I am SO looking forward to spending tomorrow with you guys!!  Your wedding is going to be faaaabulous!! Because you two… together… are the definition! True story! Look it up in websters! 😉  I had a TON of fun with you two and can not wait to watch the story of your lives unfold!!

If this picture is not the sweetest thing since sliced bread… Ahhh *Swoon*   We started the shoot with Kate saying…. “Ohh we aren’t good at this!! We don’t know what we’re doing!” HA…! Laughable! You guys were PERFECT! You were YOU…and there is no better you … than you… and there is no better person for each of you..than the other…


Not good at this? Psht… Everything about these pictures says otherwise!! 🙂 PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

One thing I LOVE about you guys…is your ability to have fun… you’re just playful! And it’s the BEST!  We passed by a Crave Cupcake Boutique and since Kate loves cupcakes we decided to grab a couple for the end of our shoot!… (See bottom right photo? Travis: not as much of a cupcake fan…) 😉

When we were wrapping up our shoot… Travis had this mysterious look on his face… Kate knew exactly what that look meant!! So she says.. ahh… go ahead… I know you want to… and he smashed it in her face!! haha!!! It was the sweetest cupcake-face-smashing that there ever was! 🙂  Followed by a super sweet forehead kiss!  Afterward, Travis walked to grab some napkins… and I told Kate it was so great they could have fun with each other… What is that saying… The couple who plays together, stays together?  Or maybe I made that up… Anyway…  While he was gone Kate told me how great he was to her… but she didn’t have to tell me… The little glances… and the sweet moments said it all. 🙂

PINIMAGEWait until you hear their love story!  Look for their wedding post in the next month.. You won’t want to miss their super sweet story! 🙂

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