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A couple of days ago Kyle and I went out in the smoldering heat to grab a few test shots for his modeling portfolio!  (Thanks for being a good sport, I know it was HOT!)  Kyle… I think these pictures say it all!! You are lookin’ good!;) I hope you love them!!

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Two weeks ago while I was in Chicago I got a phone call from Lauren.  Within the first 5 seconds I KNEW she was going to be AWESOME! When we met up yesterday afternoon for her engagement shoot she certainly did not disappoint… Lauren, You are amazing!  Aubrey… you’re not so bad yourself!  Despite the temperature being 103 degrees… you guys were troopers!:)

Aubrey serves our country as a Marine… and nearly all of their relationship has been long distance!  Patience, Dedication, Thoughtfulness, Selflessness… all of these things and more contribute to who Lauren and Aubrey are.  After seeing the way you guys are with each other, I’d say they are stronger because of it…and it was well worth the wait…  worth a few lonely nights, a few late night phone calls, the “I miss you’s” and the “Wish you were here’s.”  They will finally be able to be together in one location for longer than a few weeks!:)And guess where they are moving once they are married?!? HAWAII! Don’t feel too bad for them!;)I don’t feel bad… I am going to come visit! haha;)
Lauren & Aubrey… you are two of the sweetest, most sincere, kindest, thoughtful people I’ve met!  I am so lucky to work with people like you!

Oh… on an unrelated note… Remember the blog post about how I fall at almost every photoshoots… I fell at their photoshoot… Backing up..and BAM… Right on my rear-end! I will learn one of these days!:P

Here are a few of my favorites! :)  You guys are beautiful!

Aubrey… thank you for selflessly serving our country!:)

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  • Andrea - What beautiful photos and a beautiful love story. You are awesome!!

I know you guys have awaiting patiently for me to post these photos…and the story of how all of this happened… and I have been SO excited to share these with you!!

I have ZERO clue how I am going to tell this story with as much enthusiasm as there is when I tell people in person…(I mean, I do the explosion sounds, hand motions, and all!)  There are just so many details… Bare with me… I promise it will be worth the read!:D

I was recently visiting my very good friend Erin. in Chicago.  She told me before I left that they were filming transformers in Chicago… and I got a little excited!  Okay… I’m lying… I was ridiculously excited… and I was HOPEFUL that I was going to be able to see SOMETHING!  We leave Sunday morning to Starbucks on Michigan Avenue…to see if we can figure out where they are filming… and lo and behold they are filming RIGHT there.  We didn’t see any actual filming but we did see Megatron’s face on the bed of a truck… and a couple of “Transformer” cars.;)Oh! And the Michigan Avenue bridge that was lifted with cars “hanging on for dear life!” haha… It was AMAZING. (These pictures don’t do it justice…)  So we hang out like stalkers for an hour or so… walking close to their base camp… where they would be eating lunch and cooling off in their trailers… etc…and needless to say… It was about 489 degrees outside and 500% humidity… we had to forfeit…. So, we cut our losses…and take our sweat-drenched-bodies back to her apartment.  We didn’t see anything too exciting…but were thrilled we saw what we did…. (see photos below)…

And the story continues… Fast forward to Wednesday… Erin, Chris, Ryan H, Ryan G, and Dean are walking to the Willis (Sears) Tower…(We were coincidentally all visiting Erin & Chris at the same time… and it was a BLAST!) So we were walking toward the tower and we see all of these people gathered… we look over to our left to see what is going on and they are still filming!!! (WHAT?! They told us MONDAY on the news they were not filming anymore! FIBBERS!) So wouldn’t you know that out of ALL of the times I choose NOT to take my 70-200 zoom lens, it would be this time… THE ONLY TIME I NEED IT!  When none other than Josh Duhamel & Shia LaBeouf are standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME… *insert expletives here” haha!;)I was so bummed… Erin & I are geeking out…the boys… well, they could care less.  So we go to the Willis/Sears Tower and do the “touristy” thing and Erin & I decide to take a taxi back to her apartment to get my 70-200 lens.   On the way, we drive by the movie set and they are on break… so we go to the apartment, grab the lens and go to this bakery in the depths of Chicago… because her mom had been texting us for 2 days straight that we “must go to bakery NOW” and try something called a “Tree-Cake.” She saw it on a food network show apparently and said we MUST try it… so we did… and it was nearly a $50 round trip cab ride to find this place… all for a piece of tree-cake that looked like an over-sized chocolate covered donut… and the flavor? Soft almond biscotti.  But its the experience that counts! (Rant over)  So we head BACK toward the movie set and I ask the cab drive to drive to the front of the set… he is stopped by a red light and we see this sign…

Aaaaaand we got excited!! The light turns green, we turn right…and we are stopped by another red light and a police officer saying we can’t go anywhere UNTIL THEY FINISH FILMING! WHAT?! They are going to film?? RIGHT THERE!!? Someone yells “ROLLING!” “ROLLING!” “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” And all of a sudden we see these guys running through the debris toward us… shooting guns in the air at an invisible transformer…and this HUGE explosion!

Here is Josh Duhamel running toward us…

That’s a wrap!:D

Well, Almost a wrap… Erin leans out of the window and screams… not once, but twice… “I LOVE YOU, JOSH!” He turns around, smiles, and waves…!!

What a sweet guy! **swoon** haha… Okay, so it was cheesy but we were geeking out!

Here is the crew after they were finished filming that scene… (Ever wonder how non-romantic those romantic parts of movies are? It’s because there are 6,493 people at any given point standing 6 feet away from you! ha!)

Here are some props for you..courtesy of the iPhone! This is Megatron!

And look for this newspaper stand in the movie!!

Here are a couple of sequence shots of Shia performing his stunt… (We counted 3 stunt doubles for him…) He is the one on the left flipping over the taxi!

And here is a scene they were about to start filming…

I thought it was interesting that they knocked out the windows of the building of Hotel 71.

And here is a video of that scene being filmed!

And here is an iPhone video of a scene they were about to start filming on the river… The boat to the right that you see is going to catch on fire! They would light it on fire, then put it out… light it on fire, then put it out…

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  • Justin Trapp - one time I was at a conference and right across the street in LA they were filming a few scenes of CSI. It was a scene about a body being pulled from the small lake at a park. Funny thing is, the locals said the lake is drained once a year to collect bodies that have been dumped there.

    For real though, nothing compares to seeing an action scene of transformers…very very cool!

  • Lacy - Haha! Justin! That is just creepy! LOL I saw them film white collar in NYC a few weeks ago too… wasn’t NEARLY as exciting as this… actually lame in comparison…but you are right it IS exciting watching something like that go on!!

  • Amber - So fun! Glad you got this opp Lacy! Hopefully, they call you and demand for you to shoot cutie mc hottie!

  • Stephanie - Sorry….that comment below was mine….it auto populated Ambers info cause I’m on her computer!! LOL

  • Abbey Saloiye - Lacy! WOW to both the story and the images! We at think that you not only have a great deal of talent, but also a great deal of luck. What are the odds that you would be in the right place twice in two days.

  • Vivian Tran - Lacy, these are so cute, I can’t wait to show everyone else them! I love TRANSFORMERS!!!! “More than meets the eyes..”…LOL!

  • Jody - L. So can you try and sell these back to the studio ? Certainly their set photogs aren’t as good as you are !

  • Kathy Norwood - Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Well worth the $50 cab to get your 70-200mm. Absolutely love the images. Thanks for sharing. What a great memory of Chicago. Robert was in the Mall of the Americas when some Christmas movie was being filmed. Can’t remember the name of the movie but it was Arnold S. and a car chase scene. Says it was pretty exciting to watch.

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