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Kaella and Mike!  You guys are absolute sweethearts!  I have loved getting to know you and your family since photographing your sisters wedding!  Your day was so much fun!! And your wedding party is a BLAST! 😀  I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites for this post…so there are a lot!! I posted even more on facebook!

Ohh… A funny story… There is a shot of Tara (one of the bridesmaids) pretending to punch Kaella in the face… while Kaella ices her eye! LOL… Tara was leaning over talking with one of the flower girls and when she came up… Kaella was bending over… and she got head butted!  It was not so funny then… actually… it was a little funny…Hey… I only laughed because her SISTER was laughing! (We love you Kaella!) 😉  But I wanted to snap that shot because I know that it is a memory that will never be forgotten!  It is definitely the only time one of my brides left for their honeymoon with a black eye! Luckily this happened about an hour before the reception was over… so it wasn’t tooo terrible! I didn’t even have to photoshop the bump out! See Kaella! I told you you couldn’t see it! 😀

I hope you guys are having a BLAST on your honeymoon!! 🙂 Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day! Here are my favorites!

Leave some Blog Love!! 😀

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  • Amanda - The pictures are incredible. Lacy did an awesome job! I cant wait for you two to get back from your honeymoon and see them!

I met Lori years ago through her brother Stan and I feel completely blessed that I have met such an amazing family! Seriously… one of the most incredible families I know!! Lori, I am so excited to shoot your wedding! Your engagement shoot was a BLAST and I can’t wait for the big day! 😀 I took some detail shots of Lori’s bridal shower last weekend…. and some pictures of her opening her crazy cool gifts… (Seriously… Can I get married… just so I can have lots of cool presents?) 🙂 I’m not joking! 😉  A  big thanks to Sarah and Kathy and everyone else who put all of these details together and made Lori’s shower wonderful! 😀

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  • Norma - These photos are wonderful…it was a great shower…I look forward to hosting your shower one day…you made my chicken salad look incredible…and our sweet treats look amazing…you are such a gifted photographer. Awesome job girl.

Amber & Shea! You guys braved through that crazy weather and had a GORGEOUS wedding at The Vineyards of Waverly Manor in New Waverly, Texas.  I also have to mention those adorable kiddo’s… The ring bearer and flower girl were the cutest things ever!!  It was hard not taking pictures of them ALL night! ha!  Amber & Shea… Thank you guys for throwing such a fab party and for allowing me to be a part of it!! I have a ton of favorites but here is a taste! 😀  I will try to post more on the details/reception soon!

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  • fran chelico - these are absolutely gorgeous!


  • Barbara - The pictures are gorgeous. I’m so proud of my little girl. She made a gorgeous bride. Thanks Lacy for the beautiful memories of their special day.

  • amber strickler - yes!! i found it! the last one. **le sigh**

  • Barbara Wilder - Lacy,
    I didn’t realize that I did not purchase a photo with Shea and Amber together. I wanted to get a 16-20 with two of them together. Can you recommend a photo or let me pick one from their proofs.

    Thank you,
    Barbara Wilder

I really am so happy I could squeal!!  Oh wait! I already did! haha… I know I am a little late jumping on this Mark ll Band Wagon…but my current 5D was still a little new… but I gave in! WOO! I feel like a kid in a candy story!


If you are a photographer who reads this blog! I am so thankful that you are inspired enough to keep coming back! So to say THANK YOU to all of you AMAZING photographers who are so unbelievably talented… I am giving away a $50 GIFT CARD to!! 🙂

I want to know who YOU are and HOW you know ME!!!! Leave a comment and tell me who you are!! Something fun! Witty! Crazy! Random! and on Monday, July 20th I will draw from a hat and let you know who has won!! 😀 Happy Commenting!

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  • Heidi Leigh - Happy Birthday to you and your new Mark II. (In case you didn’t notice that fit perfectly into the Birthday song.) I guess I didn’t have to try to hard to be random or crazy..hehe 🙂 Okay well I am Heidi Leigh. I have a love for photography that has lived inside of me…well my whole life. Ummm…my brother and I were born on the same day (two years a part) which apparently gave my mother license to dress us as twins. The end. That is my random post for you…PS Love your work!

  • Jules Trandem - Happy birthday and congrats on the new camera!
    I adore my mark II so much … it would be a hard choice whether I would save my son or my camera first in case of an emergency! lol 🙂

  • Morgan Taylor - Happy happy early birthday to you!!!!! Thats awesome!!!!!! We are totally making a video when you comE out to Cali!!!!!

  • Jae - YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day and enjoy your new baby. That’s sooo exciting. Gotta love getting new toys, especially a 5D!

  • Lydia Shannon - Lacy! Happy Early Birthday! First off, I have only “met” you via the web…haha…we both were on The [B] School – Leave some blog love post – Thanks for mine by the way! Ummm… hmm.. a random, crazy, funny, and witty thing to about me – well that is a lot to ask. Random Fact- I love cleaning to Disco Music, even though I wasn’t even alive in the 70’s. Witty Fact – I am trying to make this as long as possible so it will stick out of the pile when you choose a winner. Crazy and Funny – In the middle of writing this my husband and nephew called me over so they could serenade me with a song and guitar playing. Well I hope this is enough to make my entry big enough – oh no… I just realized you will probably be writing our names on paper to draw one – okay well write my name HUGE like this post! Congrats on the new camera – even if it is Canon – haha… just kidding!

  • Prashant - Hey!! happy Early birthday 2 u. How do I know you? Do I know you at all? haha ..jk.. I met you through Henry. He always wanted me to meet you. I was like show me her picture and he showed me your christmas picture with the red background. I wanted to meet you in person and it happened one day.
    I hung out with you multiple times..and I think you are cool and very real to me. I love love your website, your blog, your pictures, and YOU. Thanks for helping me out.. I always look upto your work. u surprise me everytime and I am so glad I found a great and good friend in you.

    Congrats on the new camera.. I love my 5D Mk II and I know you’ll love it too.

  • Henry Pu - Who I am: Henrry Pu
    How you know me: you were shooting one day a crowd of people and you saw me and realized I was perfect, good looking, nice, and sweet and realized your photoshoot and photography carreer could never be complete without me in it. So you approached me and asked me to pose for you. We hit it off really well since then.
    Something fun: Where and when is your birthday party?
    Witty: Anything that is to stupid to be spoken is sung. Let’s sing!
    Crazy: I am in love!
    Random: I am not a photographer. I realize the drawing for the giftcard was yesterday.
    And last but not least: Who has a birthday and give gifts away? I want people to spend money on me my birthday not me spend money on people. You are just too nice.

    P.S. I admire your work and talent. It is a natural gift to you.

  • Shauna - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a fabulous gift to yourself!! 🙂 Hope you have a great birthday Lacy!

  • Gema Blanton - Hello!! I love the cover of the wedded bliss!! GREAT job! Sandra is so proud of you and I couldn’t be happier for you and your talent. There are a lot of us out there but only a few have the talent and you gots it!!!

  • Amber - Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Darla Sammons - Lacy, I try to follow your blog weekly and wouldn’t you know it, the one week I don’t look at your blog, I missed this great opportunity. Oh well, I still love to get inspired by your beautiful images. I case you don’t remember, I’m from Nebraska and we talked on the phone and you helped with adobe bridge and ect. You were sooo NICE! I would love to visit your studio sometime. Heck, it would be evewn more fun to get a group of my peers to road trip to Texas and visit you at your studio. I told you on the phone when we talked that you should teach a class, and I still believe you should. You are sooo TALENTED!!! Hope you had a great birthday! Darla

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