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The day before Linda’s wedding my mom handed me a polaroid picture from August of 1986.  It was Linda sitting next to me on the floor of my old dining room… I was opening presents on my 5th birthday.  If this doesn’t paint a picture of the memories that were to be shared from that point until now…I don’t know what will… However, I never would have thought that adding to those memories… would be me photographing her wedding day! (CraZy!..I know!)

Linda & Dylan… It was an absolute pleasure to be your photographer! I have loved every moment of it!!… The engagement session… the bridal session… and now the wedding… Here are a few of my favorites!

A little story: Linda & I grew up directly across the street from each other… her sister Lissa used to babysit me when I was a little girl… This was more than a wedding to me… it was FULL of memories… “cheese dip” with fritos! Fifteen minute drives to private school… Linda calling me funny names in Spanish while I chased her around the house trying to get her to tell me what the heck she just called me! (Although…she doesn’t remember this…I remember this clearly!) Ohh..there was one time… we were trying to eaves drop on her mom and dad’s conversation (I think Linda got in trouble) 😉 … so we got a cup…and put it to the wall… to put our ear against it (we must have seen this in movies and thought it must work…) … but being the genius that I *clearly* am… I hit the wall really hard with the cup! Needless to say… Busted! ha! The singing, the tennis, the fun times, the sad times, the happy times… coming to my house to watch tv since they didn’t have one… playing “hide & seek”… or “sno-cone” with dirt, ice cream scoopers, and my real cash register that my dad bought me when I was probably 9 years old (I promise I am not that spoiled anymore!  It  directly contributed to my entrepreneurial skills! Right dad? He loves me! What can I say?!) Those years can never be replaced! All of why it was sincerely my pleasure… and an absolute honor to capture your day!!  I never would have thought growing up… that I’d be a part of such a role… and I am so excited I was able to be a part of it!!

Here is the slideshow! 🙂

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  • Lissa Hughes - Lacy- What can I say? There are so many great memories from our childhood. You were always like our 4th sister growing up. Loved hanging out across the street at your house and will never forget your dad teaching me how to make the ‘famous’ cheese dip and fritos. You making me Schwan’s chicken strips and mac n cheese. ha! Babysitting you and watching soaps all day long and we can’t forget your dear Ruffles. I am so proud of you. God has truly given you a great gift. You are so talented and your work is absolutely beautiful and extraordinary. Your eye for such keen detail is amazing. I am so grateful for you having been a part of Linda’s wedding. It has made it even that much more special. The memories you have created through your lens are priceless and will last a lifetime. My family is extremely grateful to you. Thank you for pushing past any adversity to get your job done no matter what. We love and appreciate you so much!

    Lissa Hughes
    (sister of the bride)

  • Kevin Herrin - Lacy, with every picture I see my amazement of your gift grows. I’ve lost track of how many weddings I’ve performed on a ministerial level, and I would have to say that you are in the top two photographers I have seen in over 20 years. As a photographer, I am blown away and inspired and depressed! Ha! I look forward to gleaning knowledge from you in the future. Please keep me posted on your seminars. What a gift you have from God. Thank you for the inspiration and for raising the bar for me. Be blessed! Pastor Kevin Herrin

  • Linda Medley - Lacy-

    You did an AWESOME job!!! The pictures and memories you captured are priceless. You have a way of making people feel comfortable. You manage to capture unique and authentic pictures. Your devotion to your job (hobby) is respectable. Everyone who views my pictures is astonished that the work was done by such a young person. Hold on tight!!! You have many successess headed your way! Thank you for all you have done. I love you very much!!!

So, two weekends ago I had a wedding in Austin (Chelsea & Jake’s wedding)… and since it was a holiday weekend I spent the day with my sister doing some shopping! Woo! Soooo we went to Williams Sonoma where I found this super fun Caterpillar cake pan!! I made it for my sister to take to work!!  I just thought I’d share because it was a cute idea… in my  humble opinion! 😉  I know, I know… you are all VERY impressed! 😉 I CAN do more than take pictures!  haha 😀

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  • Elsa - Omg Lacy! That is SO Cute and you take Awesome pictures of your other skills! Haha

  • Jessica Monnich - I LOVE this !!! So cute! I love your wedding photography too, super awesome! I particularly LOVE the ring in the grass shot!

Jonna & Bryan! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… for being two of the most fun, sweet spirited, down to earth, joyful people I have ever met! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photography a day that will be so special for you for the rest of your lives!! You guys are awesome!! Here are some favs!! (Check out the slideshow at the bottom!)

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Chelsea & Jake… you guys are so great! I had so much fun at your wedding and I am SO glad that you invited me to be a part of your day! I feel honored! 🙂 The wedding and reception took place at The Oasis in Austin, TX…It was a beautiful venue right on Lake Travis! Here are some of my favorites!

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  • Darlene Hansen - Oh my lands. Lacy you are the best! We could not be more pleased with everything you have done so far. Can’t wait to see all the pictures! Wow! Thank you for being so amazing! We could not be more blessed!

  • Prashant - These are great! Everytime I think..this is it.. it can;t get any better..u prove me wrong. great shots!

  • Caterpillar » More Than an Image Photography - […] two weekends ago I had a wedding in Austin (Chelsea & Jake’s wedding)… and since it was a holiday weekend I spent the day with my sister doing some shopping! Woo! […]

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