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I stayed with a very dear friend of mine… Julie (and her amazing family), while I was in California last week. I will be posting some FABULOUS pictures of her soon by the way! 😉

Julie and I walked to the new Trader Joe’s that was just built in her neighborhood… and I was blown away by the quality, the customer service, the food, the samples… all of it! 😀 So I planted my Italian roots & made Bruschetta while they were gone to a meeting Wednesday night! When they came home to a garlic infested home…they knew something was going on! 😀 SURPRISE! haha Their kitchen still smells like garlic. I promise! 😉 Yummy-to-my-tummy! 😀 For those of you brave enough to try this at home… Recipe is below!:

Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)
Fresh Garlic
Feta Cheese (with herbs)
Fresh Basil
Kalamata Olives
(measure by taste) 😉

Baguette bread
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)
Fresh Garlic

Bruschetta: I used the little cherry tomatoes and cut them into fours… or smaller. Mince the garlic, chop the Kalamati olives, and fresh basil… pour it into a bowl with the tomatoes. Add the feta cheese and the olive oil..and Voila! (It is better the 2nd day… after it sits for a while!) 🙂

Bread: Slice bread horizontally so the pieces are long and somewhat thin. I drizzled olive oil in a plate with minced garlic and dipped one side of the bread in it and placed it on a cooking sheet (olive oil side up!) I put it in the a 350° oven on BROIL… Watch it closely… and remove when toasted to a light brown on the surface! 🙂

I also made this amazing salad…but it was all pre-bagged… and delicious! So I can’t take credit for it… Spinach, raspberry vinaigrette, blue cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, & candied pecans. Yes, please! 😀

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  • Julie - And I can testify that it tasted as amazing as it looks!!

  • Vu Bui - Awesome looking! Soooo hungry now.

  • s h e r r y - Nomom. Looks delicious!

When Stephanie and Walter shared their incredible love story with me… I was so intrigued! I wish you could have heard them tell it. (My text to Stephanie…”I’m trying to type your love story but I can’t tell it as good as the two of you can! Boo!) haha …. I assure you I will not do it justice but I will try!

For those of you who are lucky enough to find the love of your life…once… Stephanie & Walter found it twice! For two years they were high school sweethearts. She has loved him since she was 15 years old… he was 17. They went their separate ways after graduation…lived separate lives… started separate families… remained friends for a few years but always thought about each other… Twenty years later they found each other and after lots of conversations (on this very beach where we met up for their shoot) Stephanie and Walter got married! I observed them as they were looking at each other and retelling their story… There was so much love and passion… I could hear it a thousand times… I kid you not! 😉 Their love is fresh… and exciting!….and from the glances between them… the way they spoke to each other, and the way they laughed together… it always will be. In Stephanie’s words.. “He treats me like a princess.” And I can attest… he certainly does! Their love won’t ever get old! 🙂 I hope someday I can be as lucky! 😀

Stephanie, Walter, Brittany, Matthew, Ryan, & Maddie…. Thank you so, so much for allowing me to capture these moments for you! They are so sweet! There is an undeniable love in your family… and I feel lucky to have been apart of it… even if it was for just a day! I immediately felt a warm connection to all of you! You are wonderful! 😀

Here are my favorites! Stephanie… you wanted lots of clouds! I hope you are not disappointed! 😉 I did a happy dance in my car on the way to the beach because YOU wanted clouds…and God painted the sky!

**A little note to Brittany… who severely burned her foot after stepping on hot coals that some crazy person threw in the sand!! (If you are BBQ’ing at the beach… and you decide to throw your hot coals in the sand…PLEASE douse repeatedly with water so innocent people with beautiful feet don’t get hurt! K? Thanks!) 😉 You were SUCH a good sport! These pictures will not be soon forgotten! Bart… Thank you for helping Brittany hobble from place to place! You win the “boyfriend of the year” award! haha I don’t have an award…but if I did… You’d win it! 😛 You guys are great!**

As we were leaving I saw this! A beautiful sunset to wrap up the night! 🙂

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  • Julie - Beautiful, Lace! And beautiful family! No doubt God sent those clouds just for them. The beach shot is amazing!

  • Diane Young - Oh Lacey you did such an awesome job once again! Steph I love them everyone looks so so good! What a beautiful backdrop for ya’ll too!

  • Stephanie - Lacey I cannot stop looking at these pictures, thank you so much for making this day special!

  • Bart - ” I like the ones of ME! Gig em!!!

  • Adabeth Routt - What a beautiful family! I am Barton’s mom and he forwarded your photos on to me. It is so nice to finally see the people he has been telling me about and put a face to the names. The photos are wonderful and I appreciate you taking care of Barton while he has been visiting with you. Thanks so much! I look forward to meeting you all some day!

I am currently in Orange County… spending time with a bunch of amazing and talented photographers…and I am having a blast!! Here are some headshots for a few of these fabulous photographers! 🙂

In Order: Fran, Tina, Katie, Katie, Lisa, Andrea, Tina, Meegan! 😀 Hope you guys love’em! 🙂 These were my personal favs! 😀

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  • Ashley - Hey Lacy! These look fabulous! I can’t wait to see the rest of your images from the workshop! I hope you have a blast!!
    – Ashley from

  • Keri Doolittle Photography - HEY Tina!! You look beautiful!! Great shots, Lacy!

  • Lydia Shannon - So excited! Great images! Can’t wait to hear all about your workshop!

  • Vivian Tran - Hi Lacy! It was great talking to you yesterday at dinner at Jasmine Star’s workshop in Irvine, hope to see you soon! When do you leave on this week and what time? Please let me know the next time you are in LA!


  • Andrea - Hey girl! Umm… you are like the coolest person I have ever met!!! I am so glad we met and had fun in the OC together. You have a friend for life in Salt Lake City 🙂 All of these pictures of everyone are uber fabulous. So…When is the Lacy Workshop?? I am first in line 🙂 You rock! Thanks for that awesome picture, I put it on my profile. OH- you didn’t by chance get one with my camera in it did you? Thanks for everything. Miss you! Andrea

  • Fran Chelico - Lacy you are one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Glad we connected and look forward to be friends for a long time 🙂 Thank you so much for the awesome photos you took of me and for being so generous with your photoshop knowledge! xox

  • Tina - hey lady! I LOVE my shots! I want them for my new website that I need to work on along with everything else! Ha! But what’s up with my crinkle nose though?? I am just getting home from Cali now! So much blogging and blogstalking to do! You are so awesome and talented! If I am ever in Texas I am calling yo booty! If you ever are in Az CALL me! xoxox

I will have to write more later…BUT…I am in San Diego visiting Julie & Scott’s fam… in between workshops and photoshoots…BUT tonight we went swimming, had dinner and made SMORES!! 😀 So I couldn’t resist capturing these little moments that make life worth living!! These kiddo’s are AWESOME… and the view of the sunset from the front porch of this AMAZING home… was breathtaking! Here is a cap of the night! 😀

For all of you photographers out there… The sunset shot was ISO:1600, f2.8, 1/80. Canon 5D Mark ll.

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  • Jenn - I LOVE THESE!!!! How fun! 🙂

  • Lissa Hughes - Love these pics Lace! Makes me want some smores!

  • Tammy Capone - You take the best photos!!

  • Liz Lomax - Great photos! I love them!

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