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Man oh Man!  I could not narrow down this post for the LIFE of me! I have been trying ALL day! Josh & Cassie! I had an amazing time with you guys this weekend!  I’m sad its already over!  Josh-thank you for emailing me from your HONEYMOON in the Cayman’s… to remind me to work on your pictures! I thoroughly enjoyed you rubbing your “toes in the sand, parasailing, swimming in a perfect blue ocean” vacation in my face! No… really! 😉 I also enjoyed the horrific pictures you posted of me playing poker with your groomsmen on facebook! At least I won! (right Ty?) and at least I edit your pictures before I post them in public! I will get you back! 😀

Before I post I would like to share a little story… Josh and I have known each other for years! So when he graduated from Texas A&M he asked me what camera he should get…and at that time I told him a Canon 40D… so now he thinks he’s some fab-photographer or something because at his wedding rehearsal he comes up to me and says… “Hey! What ISO are you using?” I said, “800!” …to which he says… “Well, it’s really dark in there, thats not too bad!”…. So skip forward to that night… I arrive at the ranch where some of the bridal party was staying and played poker with some of the groomsmen (two of them, Mike & Chris were former grooms of mine!) I can honestly say I’ve never played poker with former clients… but I had so much fun! (They thought I just had a good poker face… but really, I had no clue what I was doing!) 😉 Sucka’s!  Anyway… One of the groomsmen walks up and says “Hey! What UPS are you using?” Josh and I looked at each other and were like… Whaaat?!? and we said “ISO?” and he said “Whatever! They both had an S!” hahaha… Okay… so maybe you had to be there… and I’m sure only other photographers and Josh will even appreciate this story… So without further ado… Here are my favorites! Please check the slideshow as well… There are a few more reception pictures included there since I couldn’t fit them in this post! 🙂  (Oh yeah! The shots of the bridesmaid in the green dress is Cassie’s sister! Don’t they look alike!) 🙂

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  • Amanda - great pictures!!

  • Josh - Lacy, the pic’s look awesome, can’t wait to see the rest of them . . . we are headed back to the beach, but we’ll be thinking of you . . . well not really. Thanks!

  • Prashant - Fantastic.. Great work.. You’re an inspiration.
    I feel as if I were there//

  • Amanda - these are really great! her skin is flawless!

  • Lydia Shannon - Lacy… I kept looking through this post and saying “Oooo that’s my favorite,” then I would scroll down and think something else was my favorite. They are all STUNNING! I do have to say the one with the piano behind her has outstanding lighting! Wonderful!

  • Stephanie Trachy - Beautiful job and beautiful wedding! I love your work!

  • Renee - Absolutely in love with your work, Lacy!
    I’m bookmarking and I’m coming back!!!!

  • Steve - Very nice! Love your black and white conversions.

  • Braedon - Love the black and white by the piano Lacy! Fun meeting you last night via Becker’s chat! You’re hilarious.

  • Rachel Clarke - I just love these!! She’s gorgeous! You did a fantastic job. 🙂

  • michele bowman - wow. these are beautiful photos!
    i love that cake too!! how clever!
    you do a fantastic job.

  • Amanda Patrice - These are all soooo beautiful! I don’t really know what to say other than what everyone else already did – I love your work!

  • Erica - The one of the bride in front of the piano is killer! such creamy beautiful lighting! all are amazing!

Josh & Cassie! What can I say!! 🙂 From your surprise proposal to your engagement shoot… I have been along for this amazing ride!! Even before then! Eating nacho’s and watching movies at Cassie’s apartment while she showed me her incredible scrapbooking abilities (Seriously! This girl knows how to scrapbook!!)  Anyway…Josh & I grew up together… and I can proudly say I have now photographed Josh’s wedding, his brothers wedding, and his sisters wedding! So since this was a destination wedding I was a part of everything from the rehearsal prep… to the end of the reception… Cassie’s attention to detail was unbelievable!!  Since I took way too many pictures 😉 I am going to do this post in parts! Here are some details of the rehearsal and the Brunch the morning of the wedding!  I will post the wedding tomorrow! 🙂

Just a note to thank Cassie & Josh… you guys are so awesome! When I arrived at my hotel…I walked in my room and there is this cute basket sitting on the desk with a sweet little card for me! I got so excited!! I mean… as if Josh & Cassie didn’t have enough details to worry about… they were thoughtful enough to leave a basket on the desk! Made my day!! 😀 Thank you guys for making this such a memorable wedding!! 🙂 It came…and went way too fast!

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  • Mary Marantz - my goodness! she’s beautiful! can’t wait to see more!

  • Prashant - no surprise.. It’s Lacy!
    Oh My!! amazing shots.

  • The Guy - Lacy,

    We just got done parasailing, and were just checking out the pic’s. They are amazing so far, obviously we can’t wait to see the rest . . . but take your time, were “too busy” to check the internet everyday!

  • admin - LOL oh Josh! I wish I was “too busy” parasailing and scuba diving in the Cayman’s to work on your pictures! ha!… Too bad they are already edited! I had them edited Sunday! Doing the final touches for Part 2 today! 😀 I forgot to mention the Cassie (the Bride) Painted the blue dog painting! Amazing! Isn’t it? 🙂

  • Morgan Taylor - WOW! I wish i could have photographed that! It looked like so much fun!!!!! Great job to! I love it!!!!!!

Caidi & Kent (and Laurisa- Caidi’s mom who has been a WONDERFUL trooper with us through EVERY shoot…whether we were up shooting at 6am… or shooting until almost 10pm!) I am truly sad that this photography journey has ended! I’m going to miss seeing you guys!! You all are WONDERFUL!! I truly treasure you guys… not only as clients… but as friends…. and I am ecstatic that I had the opportunity to work with such amazing people!! 😀 I left the wedding, sat in my car and smiled… and this single thought ran through my mind… “How in the world, did I get so lucky…to get paid to hang out with people like this?” So thank you! From the bottom of my heart! Here is a slideshow! I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Click here to view Caidi’s Bridal portraits and Caidi & Kent’s Engagement session! 🙂

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These shots were taken at the Hillsong United Conference in Houston, TX in October of 2008! A few people have asked me about it…so I decided to repost! 🙂

Hillsong from Lacy Dagerath on Vimeo.

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  • Prashant - Gosh! I am so addicted to your site..u are so good.

  • Braedon - Those photos are Incredible Lacy. Wow. Some of the shots of the crowd… so much emotion. You really did a good job on that shoot.

  • Brittany - I was at this event and ur pictures capture it beautifully!!! I’m amazed by your work, caught you in action at Lisa Caid’s wedding and have been raving about you ever since! Keep it up!

  • Drea - thats awesome!!

  • Weston Bouchér - Wow, these shots really made me wish I could’ve been there. Nice work Lacy! 🙂

  • Geoff Duncan - Pretty sweet my friend!

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