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Lissa!! If this girl looks familiar… She is the sister to Linda (Engagements & Bridals below)… they all look alike..(All 5! Joe, Lissa, Adrian, Amy, & Linda…  I'll be shooting Adrian's e-shoot soon & you'll see for yourself!) But back to Lissa! She used to be my babysitter! Ha! After her sisters sunrise engagement shoot this past weekend we decided very last minute to grab some shots of her too!  It was great being able to visit with her like we used to… We even went out to dinner that night! I was able to go through the whole day without any plans!! 😀 (… I can't tell you the last time I was able to do that without worrying about having to be somewhere… or get something done! 😛 – AMAZING!) The whole day was unplanned…but I ended up going to watch Lissa & Linda's kiddo's play baseball… and being able to visit over dinner was ICING on the CAKE!  It makes me realize… that I need to take more time… enjoy this life  (that is entirely too short)… and spend more time with the people who mean so much to me! 🙂 Fly off the cuff a little more! Worry about work a little less!  Enough rambling! Here are a few faves of Lissa! 







Lissa never really had creative wedding pictures… so… this is as close as we could get without bringing out the dress! 😛


**Note to Lissa** You thanked me for making you feel "beautiful & flawless for a day"… but I have to tell you…Lissa, YOU are STUNNING… A devoted sister & a solid friend who has always been more like a sister than anything else… and more importantly… A selfless wife… a great "baseball-mom" ha… to all of those super cute baseball kiddos, and an even more amazing mom to two handsome boys!  Like most moms… you take care of everything and everyone before spending any time on yourself… You come last… and I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way… BUT… You are absolutely beautiful!! Don't let that thought get hidden in the crevices of life and busy-ness. The focus is just always on everything else… and it was MY absolute privilege to be able to capture this for you!  To remind YOU…  of the things that are so obvious to the rest of us!  I hope you love them! … and thank YOU! 🙂
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Chelsea & Jake! It was so great meeting you guys (despite the crazy/weird/awful/hazy weather conditions this weekend! Ya'll are so much fun! 🙂 I can't wait for your big day at The Oasis in Austin! On the lake!! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!! Couples like you two make my job easy! 🙂 Thanks for a fun shoot! I hope you love these!! Here are my favorites!012




I just noticed his shirt says… "Save a tree, eat a lumberjack." haha









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  • oleg - your wedding stuff is wonderfull!

WOO for waking up at the butt-crack-of-dawn for sunrise shots!! My alarm went off at 5:30… and I think I hit snooze about 4 times… until I finally realized, if I kept "snoozing"…We'd miss the sunrise! But we made it! ha! I grew up with Linda & Dylan & I am completely honored to be their "Everything-Photographer" haha… You guys are awesome!! It was SO windy!… I'm sure you can tell! Hair. EVERYWHERE!! However… Linda looks HOT with the wind-blown hair! What do you think? Here are a few favs!! 🙂


I know these next 3 are mostly all Linda (sorry Dylan!) ha… But I couldn't choose my favorite out of these 3 to post…so you get all 3! 🙂


See? Sexy. Wind. Blown. Hair!









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I have probably received your email… However, chances are I haven't gotten to it yet… This is why…

Proof that photographers don't ONLY take pictures … There really is a business side too!! I promise! 🙂 (Now… take into account some of this is spam… but on Saturday I had ZERO emails!… Talk about overwhelming- ewww!) I'll tackle this one a little bit later! haha

On a BRIGHT note!!! I am SO excited about my shoots from this weekend! I'll be posting them soon! 🙂
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