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If you call this next week… and I don't answer for some reason, I'm not ignoring you!!! Most likely I have forgotten that cell phones exist! Ha! But I PROMISE… as soon as I realize that there is still some sort of reality among this paradise… I will get back to you!! 🙂

On a personal note…I THOROUGHLY look forward to enjoying this week and having some time off… In this line of business you shoot on the weekends and spend the days in between editing…  so an entire year goes by… and you realize you've hardly taken ONE day off! Well.. maybe one… but even thats stretchin' it! 😉 Here is a little secret…(contrary to popular belief…) when you work for yourself… as much as people would like to believe you work when you want to… We really eat, sleep, dream, and breathe photography! So while I LOVE my job… I also LOVE my time off! (And it comes few and far between!!)  So thank you guys for letting me take some time to not think about work for a while! 🙂 You guys are THE best clients…and FRIENDS ever!  (Can you blame me? If you were vacationing (below) would you want think about work… no matter how fun your job was? 😉 If you say yes.. you are a fibber!) I'll be posting on the blog while I'm away as often as I can! Talk to you guys when I get back!
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Many people ask what I shoot the "most"… I guess the following shots give you your answer! Ha! I shoot a ton of weddings…but I love, love, love shooting detailed shots like this Martini… and for some reason I love shooting food… There is something about taking a picture of something…and making it look good enough to eat! I'll share some pictures from my "personal" stash of favorites in another post! COMING SOON!

If you would like to leave a comment with some feedback about YOUR favorites, please do!! I'd love to see what you guys like! 🙂





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I was SO fortunate to have such an amazing place to call "home" for my stay in California… It was amazing! Look at this place! The little bit of time I did have a chance to relax… this is where it took place! haha! Julie & Scott… everyone should have "a Julie & Scott" in their life! Your family is incredible! Thank you for making me feel at home! Love you!!



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So!!! I made it to San Diego! (After an incredible opportunity to shoot Maggie’s family in Sacramento – see below!) I am staying with Julie & Scott’s Family in their brand new BEAUTIFUL home! (Its gorgeous! Maybe She’ll let me take pictures and post them!) So, I get here…and their two gorgeous children are crazy excited… What’s even more fun… is that these kids LOVE the camera!! Totally makes my job easy!! I snagged these very casual but SO fun pictures within a few minutes of being here… Didn’t even take the time to wipe the chocolate brownie off of Alex’s face! Ha!! Capturing moments is PRICELESS!! LOVE these kiddos!!

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