Michael and Alexis | Galveston, TX Wedding Photographer

I met Michael in 2011 while photographing an event in Galveston…He was a police lieutenant at the time working an extra job…and he asked me if the camera I had was a Canon 5d Mark lll? I said… “Yes! How do you know that much about cameras??” He said… “Well, a buddy of mine who is a CSI for the department has been teaching me some photography… you should meet him!”  So he introduced me to this guy named Scott… We were friends for a couple of years… then started dating… and now that man is my fiance’!   I met Alexis at a charity event I was helping Scott photograph… She was this cute blonde bombshell… as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside… and that is how Michael and Alexis met…  So to say that I was excited to document this special day for them is an understatement!! You two are so great together!  I am SO, SO happy for yall!! xoxoxo

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